Check out the best dog breeds for apartment! Pet Angel

Nowadays, living in apartments has become increasingly frequent, and when making this decision, the owners are left with doubts regarding the best breeds of dog for apartment. This is because many breeds of dogs are not suitable for living in limited spaces. And usually dogs of large-energy breeds end up developing psychological disorders – such […]

Cotas de lua de mel no Brasil

Dues a honeymoon in Brazil

From the beach to the vineyards, passing by the eco-tourism in our country, the targets of wealth for you to visit. So how would you like to include quotas for a honeymoon in Brazil, that is on your list? First of all, we have prepared a list of great places to visit with your love. […]

Cotas de lua de mel ou lista de produtos? Saiba como decidir

The quotas for a honeymoon or a list of the products? Find out how to decide

To swap gifts for a dream trip, by means of the dimensions of your honeymoon can be a good thing? We have created a special content to help you make your shopping list a reality The main questions regarding the quotas for the honeymoon What are the fees to plan your honeymoon? First of all, […]

Infection of the urine – 6 top causes and how to treat it properly

Infection of the urine – 6 top causes and how to treat it properly Have you ever felt something burning when you urinate? If yes, it is that this stuff is important to you. After all, we will discuss about the infection of the urine Burning when you pass urine, dark colored urine, the urge […]

18 problems that cause red spots on your skin

Red spots on the skin can be quite common, with simple causes such as mosquito bites or even as a symptom of an illness. Generally, red spots on the skin can occur due to numerous factors. For example, the result of a pinch, mosquito bite, excessive exposure to the sun, or even eating a food […]

Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS): what it is, symptoms and treatment

Acute respiratory distress syndrome is severe inflammation of the baby’s lungs, causing difficulty breathing, rapid breathing or wheezing when breathing, for example. Normally, the baby is born with a substance called surfactant, which allows the lungs to fill with air, however, in this syndrome the amount of surfactant is still not enough to allow good […]

Bad breath: 13 main causes and what to do

Bad breath is a relatively common symptom that can appear after consuming foods such as broccoli, garlic or onion, or by going without eating for many hours, but it can also appear due to the accumulation of bacteria on the tongue, cavities or gum problems, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Bad breath, known scientifically as […]

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Halitosis: what it is, causes and treatment

Halitosis is a symptom that can be noticed after waking up or be noticed throughout the day when you don’t eat for a long time or when you don’t brush your teeth well and/or frequently, for example. Halitosis, which is popularly known as bad breath, can also be caused by health problems, such as diabetes […]

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10 tips to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath, also called halitosis, is caused in most people by poor tongue hygiene, but it can also occur due to tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontitis, as well as stomach problems, sinusitis, sore throat or diseases such as diabetes, liver or kidney failure, for example. Therefore, some ways to get rid of bad breath include […]