Is it possible to get pregnant without penetration?

Is it possible to get pregnant without penetration?

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Pregnancy without penetration is possible, but it is very difficult to achieve, as, in most cases, the amount of sperm that comes into contact with the vaginal canal is very small, which makes it difficult for the egg to be fertilized.

Furthermore, sperm have less mobility outside the body and can only survive for a few minutes. Still, if the environment is warmer and more humid, sperm can last longer.

For pregnancy without penetration to be possible, the woman must not be using any contraceptive and that ejaculation must occur close to the vagina, this way there is a minimum chance that sperm will enter the vaginal canal and there will be a quantity of viable sperm. to fertilize the egg.

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When there is greater risk

Some situations can increase the risk of getting pregnant without penetration, such as:

  • Placing objects in the vaginal region that have been in contact with sperm;
  • Put fingers with semen in the vagina;
  • Introduce only the glans, without complete penetration;
  • The partner ejaculates close to the vagina, that is, close to or on top of the groin, for example;
  • Place the erect penis in some area of ​​the body close to the vaginal canal.

In addition to these situations, coitus interruptus, which consists of removing the penis from the vagina before ejaculation, can also pose a risk of pregnancy, because even if there is no ejaculation during penetration, the man may have a small amount of sperm in the urethra, a previous ejaculation, which can reach the egg, fertilize it and result in pregnancy. Find out more about coitus interruptus.

Furthermore, ejaculation during anal sex can lead to pregnancy if the liquid runs into the vaginal region, however, this practice does not normally expose the woman to the risk of pregnancy, as there is no communication between the anus and the vagina.

Is it possible to get pregnant with clothes on?

The possibility of pregnancy when wearing underwear and no penetration occurs is minimal, as for pregnancy to occur, the sperm must come into contact with the egg, that is, ejaculation must occur.

Is it possible to get pregnant with pre-ejaculatory fluid without penetration?

Theoretically, it is not possible to get pregnant with pre-ejaculatory fluid, as this liquid itself does not contain sperm, which are normally released into the testicles at the time of ejaculation. However, it is very common for men to release small amounts of pre-ejaculatory fluid during sexual intercourse without realizing it. However, in the absence of penetration, the chances of pregnancy are minimal.

How not to get pregnant

The best way to prevent pregnancy is to use a contraceptive method, such as a condom, birth control pill, IUD or diaphragm, for example, as they are the safest ways to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. See how to choose the best contraceptive method.

However, only condoms and female condoms are capable of preventing pregnancy and preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and, therefore, are the most recommended methods for those who have more than one sexual partner, for example.