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Nowadays, living in apartments has become increasingly frequent, and when making this decision, the owners are left with doubts regarding the best breeds of dog for apartment.

This is because many breeds of dogs are not suitable for living in limited spaces. And usually dogs of large-energy breeds end up developing psychological disorders – such as hyperactivity, stress, very high irritability.

On the other, there are thousands of dog breeds for quiet and small apartment that adapt to anywhere. Check out the best dog breeds for apartment.

12 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment:

In general, they are breeds that do not need frequent walks, are quite sociable and need only enough attention to supply the lack of space.

Although these dog breeds for apartment are more suitable for living in apartment, building and condominium, the profile of the owner is also something to be considered.

This is because there are small breeds that bark very loudly or strident, and that need many exercises, such as little Jack Russell. Therefore, the availability of the owner and patience should also count at the time of choice.

the Yorkshire Terrier

Considered one of the best breeds of dog for apartment, the small “Yorkie”, has ideal characteristics for life in little space.

This breed has size variations, but it does not change much, they are on average 20 cm, are very intelligent and also do not need long walks. However, this breed needs a lot of extra hair care: frequent brushing and coughing and weekly baths.

Estimated life time: 12 to 13 years;

Energy level: low;

Page: smooth and extremely fine-colored rare: metallic blue;

Strengths: smart and independent;

Weaknesses: need weekly baths and some may not be very attached to their owners;

Height and weight: 23 to 24 cm, with 2.5 to 3.5 kg- some can vary and reach up to 4.5 kg;

Average price: R$ 1,000, but puppies can cost from R$ 400 to R$ 3,000.

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Best Dog Breeds for Apartment in Shih-tzu

The dogs of the breed Shih-tzu are very attractive and dear due to their long and shiny hair. Therefore, the dog is considered one of the best breeds of dog for apartments.

Because it is more independent, do not need a lot of space and have no problem being alone. These dogs are only 27 cm and are very affectionate and docile when they are in the company of the owner.

Like Yorkshire, the Shih-tzu is a dog that requires extra work with the coat, requiring daily brushing.

Color: all colors are possible.

Estimated life time: 12 to 16 years;

Energy level: low;

coat: long and with few waves;

Strengths: companionship, kind, legal and very joyful;

Weaknesses: need weekly baths and can be aggressive when someone approaches their owner very abruptly.

Height and weight: 23 to 27 cm and 4 to 8 kg.

Price: R$ 950, but puppies can cost between R$ 400 to R$ 2,000.

Best Dog Breeds for Apartment: Pug

The Pug is known to be one of the best dog-up to apartment breeds can be quiet and that does not need much physical activity, but rather, a lot of affection and attention.

The pugs are small, with a maximum of 30 cm, flattened and forts, have breathing difficulties because of the flattened shape of the muzzle.

Coloring: beige (full) or black shades.

Estimated life span: 13 to 15 years.

Level of energy: average;

coat: thin and short;

Strong points: docile, loyal, affectionate and companion.

Weaknesses: have breathing difficulties due to the flat snout;

Height and weight: 25 to 28 cm high and 6 to 12 kg.

Price: R$1,700, but a puppy can cost between $800 and R$2,500.

The Maltese Breed

Maltese are extremely docile and companions, but they are difficult to adjust. They adapt to the owner’s lifestyle quickly.

The care of brushing, sheasting and bathing are great when you choose to leave the long hair.

Estimated life time: 12 to 14 years;

Level of energy: average;

coat: long and smooth;

Strengths: companionship, joy and affectionate;

weaknesses: need a lot of physical exercise because they fatten easily and are a little difficult to unlock;

Height and weight: 21 to 25 cm and 3 to 4 kg;

Price: R$ 1,050, but puppies can cost between R$ 350 to R$ 3,000.

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Jack Russell

Jack Russell Known for being active and robust. Even though they are small, they were bred to be hunting dogs and travel long distances.

The apartment life can be very good for this little one, but the sedentary life certainly not. They need a lot of attention, external activities, exercises, play and, lots of discipline, disciplinaand discipline.

Estimated life time: 13 to 15 years;

Height and weight: 23 cm to 30 cm and 4 to 7 kg;

Energy level: very high! A Pet Angel Dog Walker can help keep your little Jack Russell calmer.

The coat: variable, but most have the short and rectused hair;

Strong points: smart, protective, loyal, agile, always alert and good with children;

Weaknesses: stubborn, very active and need exercises several times a day;

Price: from R$ 1,800.00 to R$ 3,000.00.

Dogs for apartment: Dachshund

Also called Shaggy, they are very companion dogs, active and intelligent. But despite being smart, they are extremely stubborn, messy and their mood varies greatly.

Estimated life span: 12 to 15 years.

Energy level: low;

The coat: short;

Strengths: playful and protective;

Weaknesses: has behavior problems, such as excessive barking, stubbornness and constant mood variation;

Height and weight: 4 kg to 5 kg and 20 to 25 cm;

Price: from R$ 300.00 to R$ 700.00.

Lhasa Apso

The lack of need for daily walks, little energy and small size are some of the features that have made the Lhasa Apso one of the best dog breeds for apartment.

They are meek and cheerful, always attentive and ready to play with their owner. But they are very difficult to socialize with strange people.

Estimated life time: 12 to 14 years;

Energy level: low;

The coat: flat by the

Strengths: independence and intelligence;

Weaknesses: not good with strangers and can be easily irritated if easily maintained with another Lhasa of the same sex;

Height and weight: 22 to 25 cm high and 6 to 7 kg;

Price: R$ 700, but puppies can cost from R$ 350 and R$ 1,600.

Spitz German

The German Spitz, also called Lulu of Pomerania, is at most 22cm tall. This breed has as its main characteristic the easy socialization and fidelity to the owner.

Lulus love to walk and may suffer a little when they are alone, being better off with families who spend more time at home.

Estimated life time: 12 to 15 years;

Level of energy: average;

coat: for full and smooth;

Strengths: companionship and fidelity;

Weaknesses: excessive barking and mania of grandeur – despite their little height;

Height and weight: 18 to 60 cm and 3 to 5 kg.

Price: R$ 2,250, but puppies can cost from R$ 1,000 to R$ 4,200.

Dog for apartment: Bulldog English

The bulldog looks like a brave dog, but he is always ready for a joke and a good affection.

The English Bulldog is perfect for living in apartments, as it makes no noise and is small. But if you usually leave a lot, do bully because it is not the most suitable breed, he always wants to be in company and can be depressed with his absence.

Estimated life span: 8 to 10 years.

Energy level: low;

The coat: short;

Strong points: intelligence and affection;

Weaknesses: needs attention all the time and tends to get all dirty by droolinging too much;

Height and weight: 40 to 55 cm and 22 to 25 kg.

Price: R$ 3,000 but puppies can cost from R$ 1,000 to R$ 5,000.

Poodle Ism

Small, cute and very docile, the toy Poodles (up to 28 cm) and micro toy (up to 25 cm), are great options for apartments.

Minors adapt well to the company of children and babies. However, small poodles are known for the boring barking, so it is necessary that the owner knows how to control them.

Size: miniature: 35 to 45 cm and Toy: less than 35 cm;

coat: grower and abundant;

Estimated life time: 15 and 17 years;

Strengths: they are smart and get along well with children;

Weaknesses: excessive barking and stubbornness;

Price: R$ 300,00 but puppies can cost R$ 1,000.00.

Dog breeds for apartment: Schnauzer

The miniature Schnauzer is an excellent choice to have in small spaces, as they are small, companions and docile. They can also relate well to children and family activities. However, they need frequent physical exercise and can bark a lot.

Estimated life time: 10 to 15 years;

Level of energy: average;

The coat: long;

Strong points: playful and affectionate;

Weaknesses: excessive barking, problems of obedience and mania of hiding food;

Height and weight: 30 to 35 cm and 6 to 8 kg;

Price: R$900 but puppies can cost from R$450 to R$2,000.

Dog breeds for apartment: Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are also very popular among people who live in apartments. They are very cheerful, attentive and easily cling to the owner.

In addition, long walks and walks. However, the Chihuahuas are usually jealous of the owner and do not know how to deal very well with loneliness.

Estimated life time: 12 to 15 years;

Height and weight: 23 cm tall and 500g and 3 kg;

coat: short and smooth;

Level of energy: High! A Pet Angel Dog Walker can help keep your Chihuahua calmer.

Strong points: they are very resistant – despite the size, faithful and great guard dogs;

Weaknesses: excessive and strident barking, excessive fear and custom of hiding food, small objects and toys;

Price: R$ 1,400.00 but puppies can cost between R$ 1,500 and R$ 4,000.00.

Dog breeds for apartment: Care

All of these dog-to-apartment breeds we cite may not need much exercise or activity, but they need walks at least 2/3 times a week to prevent them from gaining weight, having joint, heart, and psychological problems—such as excessive stress, anxiety, and depression.

To help you keep your little dog in shape and free of unwanted problems, Pet Anjo offers tour service (Dog Walker), which are professional specialists in care and trained to walk with your pet.

Dogs passer for dog breeds for apartment

The tour service offered by the Angels lasts one hour (including the search and return of the animal at home) and focuses on improving the quality of life, health and behavior of the dog.

The Angels walk with a maximum of 3 animals at the same time, all of them being of the same species. The selection of tour groups is very careful and made after the initial visit of the Angel to the client.

This service is completely different from a half-hour walk, since it is not only for the animal to be able to do his needs on the street, but also for him to exercise, be stimulated by the environment and, with it, enrich his repertoire, exercise not only the paws, but also the mind and achieve several benefits for his general health.