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Jabuticaba Liqueur


This was my first experience with homemade liqueur. It was very tasty, but I found it very strong. I found several recipes on the internet that used boiling water in addition to the ingredients I used, but as water facilitates the formation of fungi I didn’t want to risk it. Next time I will try with water. In any case, for a sip this recipe of mine is very good!

Just use the same amount of sugar and cachaça and twice as much washed and unpeeled jaboticaba. So in this case I used:
1 cup (tea) sugar
2 cups (tea) of jabuticaba
1 cup (tea) of cachaça
1 piece of charcoal (not used yet)

The charcoal is used to prevent fungus and don’t worry, it doesn’t leave any taste.
The ideal is to use a really cheap drip that is not aged. You can use any type to 51.

Place all ingredients in a glass jar with a lid. Keep in a dark and cool place. Like in some closet. The longer it sits, the better the flavor. Every 3 days you can give the pot a stir, but don’t worry as the sugar will melt over time and the color will get darker and darker.


The jabuticabas will become “swollen” and then shrivel but will not burst. After at least 30 days you can consume it (I left it for 2 months).
Just strain it (I used a filter and paper strainer) and put it in a bottle. I don’t know how long it will last, but because of the alcohol, I imagine it will last for months.


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