Coconut Rice |  PratoFundo

Coconut Rice

He knows that one rice left over from lunch that is asking to be resurrected or, at least, eaten at the next meal. But you want to give him another life and you have no idea. We can help 🙂 The suggestion is very simple: coconut rice. Your ready-made rice adding a nice coconut taste, […]

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Creamy Pumpkin Soup |  PratoFundo

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

With the change of season, the desire for a creamy soup hit… and not just any soup. He had what to be of pumpkin with coconut milk, ginger and pepper. It had to be. The first time I tried to make a soup like this — creamy — it didn’t work out very well. The […]

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Mushroom Risotto |  PratoFundo

Mushroom Risotto

What to do for a Monday lunch with practically nothing in the fridge? Eggs, onions, butter… I look in the cupboard and the arborio rice is making soup. But what risotto? I remembered the little package of dried Chanterelle mushrooms that I had gotten a while ago, an ingredient that I hadn’t used until then. […]

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Easy and Quick Guacamole |  PratoFundo

Easy and Quick Guacamole

When I saw avocados in the market, I immediately felt the urge to eat them. Guacamole I fell in love with it when I tried it many years ago. Normally, in Brazil, the fruit is associated with sweet dishes. Or rather, in avocado smoothies. I feel like I was raised on avocado smoothie. But now […]

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Biro Biro Rice – Panelaterapia

Biro Biro Rice

According to Wessel’s blog ( “Biro Biro rice is a tribute to the great Corinthians player from the 60s/70s who was made famous by Churrascaria Rodeio in São Paulo. This is a great accompaniment to grilled meats.“. It’s so simple that I didn’t even do it step by step. Silly little thing: You sauté 1/2 […]

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