The 5 reasons to spend your honeymoon in Mexico!

The 5 reasons to spend your honeymoon in Mexico!


For couples in love who are looking for something more to their destination, a honeymoon in Mexico is the ideal place.

We have listed 5 reasons to spend your honeymoon in a country where natural beauty and imposing cities coexist.

Main questions about honeymoon in Mexico

How much does a honeymoon in Mexico cost?

First of all, the couple should look for a specialized agency to avoid greater expenses and problems on their honeymoon. Generally, in the most popular hotels in Cancún, for example, a nightly rate can start from R$3,000.00 reais. In this sense, the average cost of food is R$166.92 (per person) and tours are between R$160.00 and R$600.00 (per person). Get to know the Lejour Wedding Calculator to help you with the costs of your honeymoon.

Where is a good place to spend your honeymoon?

Firstly, Mexico offers several special and enchanting places for honeymoons. Just know how much you want to spend and what you want to do on the trip. We list some of the most sought after:
1. Cancun
2. Riviera Maya
3. Los Cabos
4. Cabo San Lucas
5. Tulum
6. Yucatan
7. Acapulco

What can't be missed on your honeymoon trip?

Above all, your honeymoon suitcase needs to contain, in addition to suitable clothes, a series of essential items, such as:
Personal hygiene
Oral hygiene

The 5 reasons

1. A delicious gastronomy

First of all, the flavors, aromas and textures of traditional mexican cuisine They are a pleasant surprise for the senses. In this sense, the fusion of flavors in dishes such as mole and traditional Mexican sauces is a delight for the most demanding palates.

honeymoon gastronomy in Mexicohoneymoon gastronomy in Mexico

2. Traditions and festivities

First of all, the traditions and festivities in Mexico are an attraction in themselves. In that regard, indigenous mystical ritualsparades where men dress up as women and even parties in cemeteries to celebrate the day of the dead are just 3 examples of the rich Mexican culture.

rituals in Mexico - culturerituals in Mexico - culture

3. Take tequila-making classes

Firstly, in Mexico, the tequila It is synonymous with celebration, pride and complicity among friends. Therefore, coming from the Agave plant, it is possible to take classes on tequila-producing farms and prepare your own Margherita. Up!

tequila not Mexicotequila not Mexico

4. Paradisiacal beaches and luxury resorts

Primarily, Mexico is blessed with coasts facing both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; boasts approximately 450 beaches and diverse seascapes. There are 4 most sought after destinations and where the main luxury resorts in the world are concentrated: Los Cabos, Cancun, Riviera Maia e Cozumel.

beach destinations in Mexicobeach destinations in Mexico

5. Arts and crafts

A trip through this country means a crossing into the interior of ancient cultures and the rich present. From folk crafts that mix countless colors to indigenous ceramicsyou and your home deserve a gift to remember one of the world's most surprising destinations!

arts and crafts in Mexico
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