Intolerância à Lactose Não é Alergia

Lactose Intolerance is Not Allergy

Lactose-free products are increasingly common in the market, but do you know what Lactose Intolerance really is and its causes? Come and I explain it easy for you!.(Photo: Kt Rb / Unsplash) In recent years we have increasingly heard of restrictive diets and the best known pair is: gluten-free and lactose-free. And they can come […]

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A Polêmica dos Alimentos Transgênicos

The Transgenic Transgenic Foods

The matter resurfaced with force in mid-April and May (2015) because of the approval of the bill (Law 4148/08 – Congressman Luis Carlos Heinze) to modify the labeling of products made with transgenic ingredients. This was in the Chamber of Deputies, but to enter into force it still needs to go through the Senate and […]

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O que é Creme de Leite?

What is milk cream?

Milk Cream is a super basic and common ingredient inside a kitchen. It goes from sweet recipes as well as salty eceitas. But there are several varieties and names that you need to know.Photo by Tamara Gak / Unsplash In Brazil, the varieties are relatively small compared to our friends of the gringa. But nothing […]

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