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Month to combat prostate cancer

Blue november is the month dedicated to raising awareness and combating prostate cancer in men, however, the disease also affects pet dogs and cats, and, therefore, we also have the pet blue november. The disease can affect males, especially when they do not receive the preventive care necessary for a healthy life. Find out everything […]

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disease prevention in elderly animals

Disease prevention in elderly animals

O february purple pet highlights the importance of preventing neurodegenerative diseases, and essential care for pets in their advanced age, that is, the elderly. In turn, when talking about February Purple for humans, the campaign aims especially to highlight preventive measures and care for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, lupus and leukemia. In other words, both […]

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Purple February and prevention against neurodegenerative diseases

Care for elderly pets gains prominence with “Purple February”, a month dedicated to the debate and prevention against neurodegenerative diseases in elderly dogs and cats. Progressive and with a high lethal potential, neurodegenerative diseases affect the pet’s entire central nervous system, the region responsible for cognition, causing loss of balance, memory and appetite and leading […]

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