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Understand how this act impacts the pet’s life

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O animal abandonment It is a crime and can result in imprisonment from three months to one year, and a fine, in accordance with Article 32 of Federal Law No. 9605.

Furthermore, data from a survey carried out by Cobasi Care bring a warning about conscious adoption and reinforces the importance of awareness about animal abandonment. Continue reading and discover more.

Abandoned white cat

Why are animals abandoned?

A survey carried out with 57 NGOs and independent protectors, in November 2022 by Cobasi Cuida, Cobasi’s social pillar, shows that animal abandonment happens more than one might imagine.

The seriousness of the act of abandon animals is evidenced when 100% of those interviewed stated that they had already had cases of abandonment or return of animals.

Dog abandoned on the street

Furthermore, it was possible to verify that the majority of abandonment cases are directly linked to lack of planning and responsible ownership issues.

This data was affirmed when 89.5% of respondents mentioned that abandonments are motivated by changing residence. And 59.6% of respondents said that the size of the pet leads to abandonment or return, as “it has grown too big”.

However, this can be resolved with changes in routine, conscious adoption and pet services with trained professionals for better adaptation.

What is responsible ownership?

A responsible animal ownership This is when the future guardian makes the decision to adopt consciously, taking into account all the changes and responsibilities that owning a pet involves.

However, care varies according to the species of animal, as a dogone gato it is a coelho have different routines, for example. But among the main responsibilities they are:

Ensure the animal’s good adaptation;

Maintain the hygiene of the pet and the space where it lives;

Provide good nutrition and hydration;

Carrying out daily toursgames and stimulation of the animal;

Ensure vaccinations and deworming are always up to date;

Maintain pet safety;

Have a space with environmental enrichment;

Offer comfort;

Give lots of love and affection.

Take the animal to veterinarian regularly.

With all this care, the tutor provides a better quality of life and longevity to the new member of the house.

Abandoned tabby cat

What is considered animal abandonment?

Article 388 – Abandonment of companion animals decrees that:

1 • Anyone who, having the duty to guard, watch over or assist a companion animal, abandons it, thereby putting its food and care due to it at risk, is punished with a prison sentence of up to six months or a fine. up to 60 days.

2 • If the facts set out in the previous paragraph result in danger to the animal’s life, the limit of the penalty referred to therein is increased by one third.

Abandoned puppy dog

Trauma linked to animal abandonment

Domestic animals have a great attachment and dependence on humans. And when abandonment happens, major impacts and traumas are generated the physical and psychological health of the animal, including:

Malnutrition and dehydration;

Weakened immune system;


Excessive crying and barking;

Extreme fear;

Anxiety and depression;

Compulsive behaviors.

Tutor giving affection to the dog

Green December: awareness about animal abandonment

Animals are abandoned more frequently in December, which is why a campaign was created Green December, with the aim of raising awareness among Brazilians about this sad reality.

So always remember that abandoning, mistreating or chaining animals is CRIME!

For report There are four alternatives, check them out below.

Call 190

IBAMA reporting center: 0800 61 8080 (free of charge)


DEPA (Electronic Department of Animal Protection)

Tutor petting the cat

Now that you know how the act of animal abandonment impacts the pet’s life, Visit our social media and check it out Filó series – Conscious adoption to learn everything about adapting and educating a new pet.