É possível ter pets de espécies diferentes? Saiba aqui!

Is it possible to have pets of different species? Find out here!


In times of social media, your timeline may present you with a cute video of a dog cuddling with a cat, or a kitten playing peacefully with a bird. There’s no way to hold back the “own” or “oh how cute!”!

But if you as a guardian intend to have pets of different species, you need to know that it is a very complex task and that depending on the circumstances, it can put the pets' lives at risk.

Discover which species get along well and how to make coexistence work.

Dogs and cats

The famous expression “fight like cats and dogs” brought us the idea that these species will necessarily disagree when they are close, but this is not always the case. In fact, coexistence between a dog and a cat can be very friendly, but it is necessary to evaluate your pet's personality and also give each animal its own space with its belongings separate from the other, as both are territorial animals;

Cats and birds

In rare exceptions, these two species will coexist peacefully, but generally the predator and prey relationship speaks louder. Cats are skilled hunters, and if they have access to the bird in the house they can cause injuries and even more serious accidents. For this reason it is recommended to avoid this combination;

Rodents and cats

Remember the eternal fight between Tom and Jerry? So, she is real. Felines' hunting instinct will be extremely active in the presence of a rodent. If the little one is not safe, inside a cage, playpen or place that the cat cannot access, the chances of a tragedy are high;

Rabbits and guinea pigs

As much as it may seem like a great idea due to the cuteness of the animals, they could be a threat to each other. The two species behave and communicate differently. Rabbits can intimidate guinea pigs, and rabbits carry bacteria that can cause serious respiratory illness in little ones.

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