Check out the benefits of having a pet!  Pet Anjo Blog

Check out the benefits of having a pet! Pet Anjo Blog


Here in Brazil in April 18th is celebrated Friend's day. This is a more than special date, as it serves to honor those we love so much and who grant us unparalleled companionship and affection.

On this day, it is common to thank those friends who accompany us at all times, from the happiest to the most difficult. And if there's one thing that pet lovers know very well, it's that pets are loyal friends for the whole life.

They are always by our side, ready to comfort us, encourage us and make us happy with their presence, affection and genuine love. Furthermore, pets also bring several benefits to our physical and mental health.

Therefore, on this Friend's Day, let's highlight the importance of our furry ones and grace these companions who make our lives more complete and happy.

Pets also bring many benefits to our physical and mental health.

After all, what is the real Friend's Day?

In fact, there are several dates on which Friend's Day is celebrated. Because some countries have their specific dates, as well as a well-known social network also created them. Check the dates below.

  • April 18th (Friends Day);
  • February 4th (Facebook Friend's Day);
  • July 20th (International Friend’s Day);
  • July 30th (International Friendship Day).

Although there are several commemorative dates for the Friendship Dayit is important to remember that gratitude and recognition for our friends must be shown daily.

Because pets are loyal and faithful companions, they offer us unconditional love and comfort every day. In addition to providing us with countless benefits.

The benefits of the relationship between pets and humans

The interaction between pets and humans can bring several benefits to both parties involved. Check out some of the main ones below:

Reduction of stress and anxiety: The presence of pets can help reduce stress and anxiety in humans. Since interaction with pets can increase the feeling of well-being and happiness, such as serotonin and dopamine.

Improved physical health: Dogs can bring some benefits to human health, such as reducing blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and increasing physical exercise.

Company: Pets can be great companions. The presence of pets can bring comfort and joy to humans' daily lives.

Emotional development: Interaction with pets can help children's emotional development, stimulating empathy, a sense of responsibility and many other benefits.

Improved socialization: Walking your dog can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Which can be especially useful for shy people or those with socialization difficulties.

Helps in treating mental illnesses: Pets can be an important tool in treating mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Since interaction with pets can help reduce the symptoms of these diseases.

In summary, the relationship between pets and humans is beautiful and genuine. Therefore, it is essential to thank and value our animal friends every day, not just on commemorative dates.

It is important to remember that friendship is a treasure that must be cultivated daily, and that the presence of our friends makes us happier and more complete.