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O mongrel is the most popular dog in Brazil. In general, they are affectionate, loyal and companions, perfect for those looking for a faithful friend. Found in all sizes, colors and types, each has its own unique personality. In this post, you will learn everything about mutts: their origin, characteristics, personality, types, curiosities and much […]

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5 tips to calm him down | Pet Anjo Blog

Many dog ​​owners face the challenge of aggression in their pets and seek solutions to control and calm one brave puppy. In this text, we will provide practical guidance for dealing with this situation, whether it is related to the breed’s personality or reactive behaviors. Continue reading and check out effective strategies to inhibit aggressive […]

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Month to combat prostate cancer

Blue november is the month dedicated to raising awareness and combating prostate cancer in men, however, the disease also affects pet dogs and cats, and, therefore, we also have the pet blue november. The disease can affect males, especially when they do not receive the preventive care necessary for a healthy life. Find out everything […]

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