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French Bulldog – Everything about the breed


Find out everything about this one of the most popular breeds in the world and see how it became the favorite of Brazilians.

Origin of the French Bulldog

There are two theories about the origin of the French Bulldog. The first, following the logic of its name, defends the idea that the origin of this furry animal is France. The second, and more acceptable to scholars, is a little more complex.

Where it is argued that despite its name, the French Bulldog had its origins in England. Where small dogs were popular, keeping lacemakers company indoors. And they still worked hard hunting for rats that entered the house.

After the Industrial Revolution, the work of lacemakers began to be replaced by machines. Which made many of these professionals move to France to escape unemployment. Of course, they took their beloved dogs together. And then, it was a matter of time for the French to “adopt” these little ones. And so the name of the breed was defined.

In the last 10 years the popularity of the French bulldog has seen a boom In all world. Making it rise 50 positions in the ranking of the most popular breeds in the United States. Establishing itself as the 21st most popular breed according to the AKC.

French Bulldog Temperament

If you know someone who has a French bulldog, ask them what their main qualities are. You will certainly hear something related to your easy adaptability and your undeniable charm. He is a super sociable dog and will definitely run after anyone who is willing to play and cuddle him.

But rest assured, Frenchies are super calm. Don't be alarmed if he spends most of the day sleeping or taking naps. These little ones love a good nap. And they will definitely let you know when they are tired from sleeping and need a walk to burn off energy.

French bulldogs are super alert dogs. Therefore, sometimes he may bark more than you would like. We made a really cool post here on our blog talking about the subject. Click here to learn more.

Although they may seem a little stubborn, they are intelligent dogs and will learn basic commands without much effort. Use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that learning is more effective.

It is worth remembering that any dog, regardless of breed or size, will certainly develop destructive habits if they are not stimulated correctly. Therefore, it is often worth having the support of a professional to help you educate your little one. Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters are an excellent solution in these cases. Here at Pet Anjo we offer these services from R$15.

To avoid bigger problems in the future, train him from a young age. As soon as he arrives at your home, start with training based on positive reinforcement. This way he will learn more complex commands when he is an adult.

Although these are the main behavioral characteristics of a French Bulldog, it is always important to talk to more than one breeder and explain what you are looking for in your future furry friend, if you intend to have the company of this furry friend.

Characteristics of the French Bulldog

caracteristicas bulldog frances

The French Bulldog is considered a small but “stocky” dog. It should not exceed 35cm at the withers and 14.5kg. He is an excellent dog for those who live in an apartment and want to get away from breeds with longer coats.

According to the CBKC (Brazilian Cinophilia Confederation):

The French Bulldog is a small molossoid, compact in all its proportions, with short hair and a naturally short tail.

He should have the appearance of an active, intelligent, very muscular dog, with a compact structure and solid bones. No point is exaggerated compared to the others, which could destroy the overall harmony or give the dog a deformed appearance of gender or movement.

French Bulldog Colors

The main colors of Frenchies are fawn, brindle, white with black markings, and blue (gray).

French Bulldog Health

Any and all dogs can develop an illness or problem related to their health. Just like us humans. Therefore, you must choose the breeder VERY carefully before making any decision. A serious and trustworthy breeder will be honest and tell you which diseases are most common to the breed and will show you their lineage.

Frenchies' main health problems are related to their breathing. Like all bulldogs, Frenchies are brachycephalic dogs. In other words, it has a short/flat snout. These dogs should not be given intense physical exercise for a long period of time. Another characteristic limitation of brachycephalic dogs is air travel.

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