Vanilla Cappuccino

Get ready that today there will be vanilla cappuccino, after all, one of the things I like to do most when Lis sleeps is take my cappuccino and throw myself on the sofa. It’s a drink that provides all the comfort to feel more about life and is suitable for every moment of the day, […]

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vinho quente

Mulled wine to warm up

So, guys, the cold has arrived and so it’s time for us to make some delicious mulled wine! The one that warms the soul and makes us feel embraced inside. Just imagine: it’s cold outside, you’re under a blanket, enjoying a moment of relaxation, suddenly, you smell that incredible smell of spices invading the air. […]

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Hot Chocolate – Panelaterapia

Hot Chocolate

I found an American recipe for “Starbucks hot chocolate” and decided to try it. I thought it was too bitter for the sugary Brazilian taste. So I mixed it with another recipe I had and made this delicious chocolate to enjoy the end of winter, which, by the way, is already late (I hate the […]

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milkshake bobs ovomaltine

Ovaltine Milk Shake

I was always a little cautious when I read a recipe mentioning the names of snack bars, famous dishes or restaurants, like “Subway cookies” or “Big Mac sauce”. I never really believed that the homemade versions would actually be similar, because the ones I tried never came close, but that was until I decided to […]

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Homemade Cappuccino – Panelaterapia

Homemade Cappuccino

Revenue for you to do Cappuccino Caseiro and prepare yourself for the cold weather ahead with a warm and delicious drink. I like this revenue because it’s smaller, I split the original one that made cappuccino for 6 winters hahahaha. It’s very simple: In a container with a lid, add: 1 cup instant powdered milk […]

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