Detox Green Juice – Panelaterapia

Detox Green Juice

You know I’m not a very nature person, right? But it’s been a while since I tried green juice and I liked it. And since it has so many benefits (diuretic, laxative, weight loss aid…) why not take it, right? I’m trying to take it 3 times a week and I think it tastes really […]

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To Refresh – Panelaterapia

To Refresh

Clericot goes great with end of year parties, with summer, with holidays! It is a typical Uruguayan drink that can be made with white wine, sparkling wine, or green grape juice. There’s a written version of it on the blog, but you know how it is, we keep improving hahahaha so this one is better! […]

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(or something similar) – Panelaterapia

(or something similar)

Clericot is basically white wine with fruit. In Uruguay I drank it with sparkling wine, but I’ve seen it with dry white wine, with sparkling wine, so I don’t know the original recipe and I’m too lazy to research “origins”, but I know that regardless of the variations, the result can’t be bad. Trust me! […]

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Well-accompanied tea – Panelaterapia

Well-accompanied tea

For this lemon cupcake (all worked on the trick) I used the yogurt cake recipe, I just added the juice and zest of 1 lemon. The “decoration” is typical of those who don’t know anything about confectionery: ready-made whipped cream with lemon zest, but it looks pretty, right? I wanted a quick cupcake and this […]

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What's Your Perfect Tea?  – Panelaterapia

What’s Your Perfect Tea?

Anyone who follows Panelaterapia on Instagram (@Panelaterapia) knows how much I love Dr. Oetker’s teas! There are so many flavors, so many options that it’s difficult to define my favorite, especially because I haven’t managed to try them all yet (and I take it every day)! With this in mind, Dr. Oetker launched the Facebook […]

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Recipes in Vintage Magazine – Panelaterapia

Recipes in Vintage Magazine

Another cool job that came my way. I am now a food columnist for Vintage Magazine. A very cool monthly publication from the city of Campo Grande-MS. It has articles on fashion, health, architecture, gastronomy, etc. I was very happy with the freedom to choose the recipes and that the photos were also produced by […]

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