Vanilla Cappuccino


Get ready that today there will be vanilla cappuccino, after all, one of the things I like to do most when Lis sleeps is take my cappuccino and throw myself on the sofa. It’s a drink that provides all the comfort to feel more about life and is suitable for every moment of the day, but be prepared that you will no longer live without drinking your cup every day. So let’s learn, because I hope you try it and tell me later.

400 ml of milk;
1 col. (tea) vanilla extract;
4 col. Melitta Traditional Cappuccino (soup)
Sugar or sweetener to taste;
1/2 cup. chopped marshmallow (tea);
1 col. (soup) of semi-sweet chocolate shavings.


Preparation Mode:

Heat the milk and then add the vanilla, cappuccino and sweeten. Fill two mugs, place the marshmallows on top and burn them with a blowtorch, but be careful not to make them bitter. Let it cool and then finish with the chocolate shavings.


If you don’t have a blow torch, place in oven-safe ceramic mugs and leave on the grill or very hot oven for 30 seconds. To see all the products:

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If you have a recipe you like to make, don’t forget to tell me, leave your comment giving the tip that I love to perfect my recipes.

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