milkshake bobs ovomaltine

Ovaltine Milk Shake


I was always a little cautious when I read a recipe mentioning the names of snack bars, famous dishes or restaurants, like “Subway cookies” or “Big Mac sauce”. I never really believed that the homemade versions would actually be similar, because the ones I tried never came close, but that was until I decided to make this milkshake. Do you know what Milkshake do Bob’s de Ovomaltine? Sooooo similar. Do it and tell me later.

It’s really ridiculously easy! I made it using the mixer but you can use the blender. Add 2 cups of soft ice cream and 1/2 cup of cold whole milk. Beat until mixed. Now add 1 tablespoon full of Ovaltine, but be careful, just mix with the spoon, don’t beat! This ensures that it has crunchy bits, otherwise it will turn into a chocolate milkshake.
Now just decorate the cup with chocolate syrup to make it fun, add the milkshake, a little more ovomaltine on top and run for the hug!

Tastemade Brasil, the network of video channels that Panelaterapia is part of, created a playlist with recipes with up to 4 ingredients, and this was our recipe. If you want to see our video, it’s like that, quick and accurate, it’s 1 minute long.

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