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Maximum Coffee Pleasure


After I learned to make freshly brewed coffee In the right way, this habit turned into a great pleasure. I love taking a few breaks to prepare my coffee. It’s a very relaxing moment, which involves the entire ritual, from choosing the coffee I’m going to use that day to the accessories. Yes, friends, nowadays there are several beautiful and modern accessories for preparing coffee! I have the entire collection of Melitta filter holders, several incredible colors! You can vary it depending on your mood hahaha, you can even combine it with the thermos, vase or cups, I think these little Melitta pleasures are great! (See all the support colors here).

I loved having Melitta as a partner, not only for the wonderful coffees and incredible accessories, but for the opportunity to make a video for you teaching you the correct way to make freshly brewed coffee. I hope you learn and can also enjoy the maximum pleasure of coffee.

how to make coffee

And in this video there is also a recipe for delicious mentholated coffee and if you have a good recipe with freshly brewed coffee you can win baskets of Melitta products. Just watch the link or press play:

Now that you’ve watched the video, if you have a good recipe with freshly brewed coffee, leave it here in the comments, but pay attention:

– Only recipes sent until 08/20 will be valid
(Promotion closed!)

* See here how to prepare the milk foam used in the mentholated coffee recipe in the video:

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