Como saber o sexo do peixe?

How to know the sex of the fish?

Finding out whether the fish is female or male can be either an easy or extremely difficult task. This will depend on the species of fish, because some have physical characteristics indicating sex, while others have few signs. To find out the sex of a fish, you must mainly observe the animal’s physical characteristics and […]

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Melhores nomes para peixes

Best names for fish

The best way to start a good relationship with our fish is to give them a name that suits them. We have put together a list of the best names for fish, check it out below: Some people buy an aquarium and keep fish as a way to improve the environment in their home. Although […]

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Hidropisia em peixe de aquário

Dropsy in aquarium fish

Dropsy, also known as water belly, is an acute and serious infection. It is a syndrome where fish have an extremely swollen belly, due to the accumulation of water and other fluids, due to the gradual failure of the kidneys. Check here the causes, symptoms and treatment options for this condition that can affect your […]

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Peixe-palhaço: conheça mais sobre essa espécie

learn more about this species

Natural from warm, shallow waters, the clownfish is one of the best-known marine creatures in the world, largely due to the film Looking for Nemo, from Disney. These little fish have a very complex, but very interesting and functional way of life. Their relationship with their offspring, the power hierarchy between females and males and […]

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