Alimentação ideal para o seu peixinho

Ideal food for your fish


Fish nutrition is a very important aspect of the animal’s health and must be considered carefully. If you are a fish owner or are planning to become one, doing research is essential to find out more about your fish’s species, so you will know the appropriate diet.

It is important to check whether the fish is carnivorous, herbivorous or omnivorous. Ideally, he should be fed several times a day, but in small portions, in an amount of food that he can eat in three to five minutes.

It is essential that the feeding time does not exceed 3 minutes. If you want to feed your fish several times a day, the option is to divide the amount of food, following the requirements of the species.


This type of food is recommended for fish that prefer to swim on the surface of the aquarium, because they are foods that float. For example, Kinguio fish.


Part of this food sinks slowly and part remains floating, which is why it is ideal for fish that live in the middle of the aquarium and take longer to eat, such as Betta, which are well known.


Stick food, a food that usually floats, is ideal for fish from the cichlid family that have a large mouth and are larger.


The tablets are recommended for fish that stay at the bottom of the aquarium and have their mouths facing downwards, such as Cascudos. This type of feed sinks quickly and remains at the bottom until it is consumed by the fish.

Another point to take into consideration when feeding is the species’ habit. Many fish have daytime habits, others, however, have nocturnal habits, the ideal is to feed them at the correct time so that you don’t happen to feed your fish at any time of the day and they don’t eat.