The best honeymoon places around the world

The best honeymoon places around the world


First of all, choose the best places for honeymoon It's not an easy task, you need to analyze the couple's tastes, the trips they would like to take together and combine all of this with the budget available for the trip. In this sense, the good news is that, with a little organization, it is possible to find perfect destinations for all tastes and budgets!

best honeymoon destinations

By Maria Beatriz Vaccari, from Rota de Férias

Main questions about honeymoon places

What shouldn't you do on your honeymoon?

Firstly, the honeymoon is the ideal time for married couples to enjoy themselves, so no stress, huh? We have put together some tips on what NOT to do to avoid ruining this unique moment.
1. Work. Forget about work, focus on fun.
2. Staying on your cell phone.
3. Fight.
4. Complain.
5. Watching TV.
6. Neglecting documents and personal items. Leave everything in the hotel safe.
7. Being careless in the sun. Careful! Have you ever thought about having heatstroke?

What to do romantically on your honeymoon?

Primarily, think about unique, unforgettable tours and moments, such as a romantic dinner, walks for two, tours of romantic places.

Best Honeymoon Places Around the World

Firstly, some destinations such as Curaçao, in the southern Caribbean, and the Maldives Islands, in the Indian Ocean, appear on most lists of the best places for a honeymoon abroad. Could. Both are bathed by crystal clear blue waters, with the first being more affordable and the second perfect for those looking for experiences in luxurious resorts.

honeymoon places Curacao
places for lua de mel Punta Del leste
Punta del Este Credito_Divulgacao_Enjoy Punta de Este

Beach itineraries

Primarily, for those who dream of celebrating their wedding on incredible beaches, you can also opt for itineraries through spectacular French Polynesia. In this sense, here are some of the best places for honeymoon do planet, como Bora Bora, Tetiaroa and Moorea.

Another golden tip are the beautiful cities in Greece, including the romantic island of Santorini, marked by churches and little white and blue houses.

best places for honeymoon French Polynesia
French Polynesia_Tetiaroa_Divulgacao
best places for honeymoon Greece
Greece_Santorini_Paulo Basso Jr

European destinations

First of all, European destinations with a more urban feel, such as Paris (France), Vienna (Austria) and Rome (Italy) are also good options. Therefore, full of charm, the cities of the Old Continent offer unforgettable tours and win over couples with a charming atmosphere.

It is also worth including smaller villages on the list, such as those on the Romantic Route, in Germany, the charming cities in northern Spain or even Bruges, in Belgium.

honeymoon places Paris
dua de mel Vienna
honeymoon north of Spain
Northern Spain_Castilho de Ponferrada_Paulo Basso Jr

Best Honeymoon Places in South America

Brazilians looking for best places for honeymoon Close to home, but still abroad, you have the option of South American countries, which are generally cheaper than European or Asian countries. Therefore, you can visit Buenos Aires, in Argentina, stroll through the beautiful Punta Del Este, in Uruguay, and even enjoy ski resorts such as Valle Nevado, in Chile, depending on the time of year.

take mel Punta del Este
Punta del Este_Credito_Divulgacao_Enjoy Putna de Este
lua de mel in Valle Nevado
Valle Nevado_Divulgacao

Best honeymoon places in Brazil

Firstly, Brazil also has incredible honeymoon destinations. The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha (PE), for example, is one of the favorite places for lovers.

Fernando de Noronha honeymoon

In this sense, other beaches in the Northeast, such as those on Rota Ecológica, in Alagoas, deserve to be on the list. Don't forget to also consider the wonders of Ceará, such as Jericoacoara, Itacaré, in Bahia, and even Lençóis Maranhenses, for the more adventurous.

Itacaré honeymoon

Therefore, the friendly Gramado (RS) is a good option for those who like the cold. You can enjoy the trip in the company of great glasses of wine and fondue recipes. It is where the best hotel in the world today is located, the charming Colline de France, and also the imposing Saint Andrews Castle.

honeymoon places in Gramado

Once in the region, it is worth extending the tour to visit the city of Canela, one of the treasures of the Serra Gaúcha. Or even Vale dos Vinhedos, where you can take tours to taste great wines.

Places to spend your honeymoon in São Paulo

The state of São Paulo is home to great honeymoon resorts. The Casa Grande Hotel, for example, is perfect for those who want beaches, luxury and refinement close to the capital. The resort in Guarujá offers a number of cool restaurants. The hottest is Thai, which wins over visitors with typical Thai and Southeast Asian recipes.

honeymoon in Guarujá
Casa Grande Hotel_Disclosure

Fans of beaches and beautiful scenery can also enjoy the period after the wedding in special destinations on the state's coast, such as Ilhabela. In the mountains, Campos do Jordão is the right option for lovebirds who love the cold and don't have time for a honeymoon in more remote places.

honeymoon in Campos do Jordão
Campos do Jordão_Disclosure

Places to spend your honeymoon in Rio de Janeiro

The capital of Rio de Janeiro is a great destination for honeymoon couples. Full of attractions and natural beauty, the city has great hotels, including the famous and classic Belmond Copacabana Palace. Those who want to focus more on the beautiful beaches in the state of Rio de Janeiro can visit Búzios, Paraty and Arraial do Cabo. Fans of beer and history, in turn, will find good views in the always romantic Petrópolis, undoubtedly one of the best places for honeymoon from Brazil.

honeymoon places Rio de Janeiro
honeymoon places in Paraty
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