20 items for the gift list

20 items for the gift list


First of all, we selected 20 items from honeymoon quotas on the beach for your wedding gift list. So save this post and create your list!

honeymoon couple on the beach
Honeymoon quotas for couples who love the beach. Credit: Pixabay

Primarily, it is increasingly common for couples to opt for wedding gifts through virtual gift lists, after all, in them the couple has complete autonomy to choose the type of gift they want to receive. I.e, honeymoon quotas or products that are converted into money for the couple to use however they wish.

Honeymoon quotes on the beach

Primarily, there is an infinity of product options for couples who opt for honeymoon quotas on the beach. And then we'll tell you everything!

honeymoon quotas help bride and groom with planning
The concept of the honeymoon is the same, what changes is the couple's style. Credit: Pixabay

Honeymoon quotas: everything you need to know

What are beach honeymoon quotas?

First of all, let's clarify that the concept of honeymoon quotas it does not change regardless of the destination, be it beach, countryside or an urban trip. In the case of honeymoon quotas on the beach, the couple will be able to receive tours and entertainment options at the chosen destination, that is, the beach.

In this sense, the honeymoon quotas They are a type of wedding gifts that guests buy on the wedding website and the bride and groom receive to enjoy their long-awaited honeymoon.

How do honeymoon quotas work?

First of all, after creating the wedding website, the couple must create their gift list in the modality honeymoon quotas. From there, just choose the destination and enter tours, transfers, tickets, dinners, among other items that guests can purchase as a wedding gift option.

In this sense, it is important to include gifts of various values, always keeping your guests' budget in mind.

How do the bride and groom receive the honeymoon quota gifts?

So, the gift of honeymoon quotas it is fictitious. Therefore, the value of this gift will be transferred to the bank account registered by the couple on the platform.

How many items to include in your beach honeymoon quota?

First of all, Sabrina Seignemartin, Wedding Registry Coordinator at Fast Shop, gives her tips.

“Place a varied number of gifts, with at least 100 items and in various price ranges, to give the guest an option that they find interesting and that fits their budget when it comes to giving gifts. Don’t forget to send the link in advance so that guests can plan the purchase of the gift in a way that is comfortable for them”, replies Sabrina.

newlyweds prefer honeymoon shares on the beach
There are many tours for honeymooners on the beach. Credit: Pixabay

What the experts say

For Everton Marcondes da Silva, travel consultant at CriaMix Turismo Jundiaí, in a gift list with honeymoon quotas Detailing the destination cannot be missing so that all guests are aware of where the bride and groom would like to go.

Tips for honeymoon trips on the beach
In the beach honeymoon quota list, the bride and groom must detail the destination. Credit: Pixabay

“Insert a brief introduction so that guests feel like they are truly participating. Furthermore, another cool piece of information is to always place the items very clearly and with a brief description, tours attract and pique the curiosity of guests, they are highly sought after items in a wedding quota”, explains Everton.

romantic surprise in hotel room for newlyweds
Therefore, romantic surprises for the bride and groom in the hotel room are a good idea. Credit: Pixabay

Firstly, Sabrina Seignemartin, Wedding List Coordinator at Fast Shop, believes that it is important to think about your guests when putting together your wedding list. honeymoon quotaswith interesting items that will make guests have fun when choosing their gift.

boat trip for honeymoon quotas on the beach
Trips on the high seas are a favorite for many couples. Credit: Pixabay

“If possible, relate the gifts to your honeymoon, that is, contextualize the gifts with the theme, this will make the gifts more real when the guest chooses”, explains Sabrina.

romantic dinner on the beach for newlyweds
A romantic dinner with your feet on the sand is an option for your honeymoon on the beach. Credit: Pixabay

20 Beach Honeymoon Quota Items to Include on Your Gift List

  1. Car rental
  2. Amenities (cosmetics offered by hotels)
  3. Diving classes or just diving
  4. Slackline classes
  5. Surf lessons
  6. Coffee at sunset
  7. Special breakfast in the hotel room
  8. cocktails
  9. Romantic dinner (candlelight, wine…)
  10. Dinners in restaurants
  11. Kitesurfing
  12. Luau
  13. Boat ride
  14. Massage session
  15. SPA for two
  16. Stand Up Paddle
  17. Tickets/attraction tickets
  18. Zipline
  19. Trails
  20. Windsurfe
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