Como fazer doce de leite condensado sem panela de pressão?

How to make condensed milk jam without a pressure cooker?


You may already know the dulce de leche in the pressure cooker, now learn how to make a delicious condensed milk dulce in another way:

Everyone is more than familiar with the recipe for dulce de leche made with condensed milk in the pressure cooker, right? But today we bring you a new way to make this sweet, this time using boxed condensed milk and no pressure cooker.

The result is a dulce de leche as delicious as the traditional one, but the method is a little different, but it is also very easy to make. Furthermore, the preparation of the recipe requires few ingredients. Therefore, this sweet is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth or serving as a dessert.

Anyway, The preparation time is 25 minutes and yields 1 very large portion.

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Dulce de leche recipe without pressure cooker


Preparation mode

  1. First, let’s melt the sugar. Therefore, in a pan, add the two tablespoons of sugar and let it melt over low heat until it becomes a light caramel without lumps.
  2. Then add the spoon of butter and milk being careful not to splash and burn yourself.
  3. Then, mix everything very well until it becomes a full-bodied caramel and the burnt sugar dissolves completely.
  4. The last step is to add condensed milk to this mixture.
  5. This way, keep stirring the candy without stopping all the time until it reaches a creamy consistency and starts to come away from the bottom of the pan. However, it is essential that this part is on low heat so as not to burn the candy.
  6. Finally, you will notice the appearance and texture of a regular dulce de leche, but in this case without using a pressure cooker. Cool, right?

Tips for preparing dulce de leche without a pressure cooker

  • If you don’t have condensed milk, you can make your own using whole milk and sugar. To do this, add a liter of milk and a cup of sugar to a pan and let it boil for about 2 hours. Then, when the sugar has completely dissolved, let the milk cook more, but always stirring. You will soon notice the mixture changing color and texture.
  • Furthermore, another option for making sweet condensed milk without a pressure cooker is using a regular pan. In this case, the ideal is to use canned condensed milk, add it to a pan and cover with water. Cook over high heat until it boils, and then leave over medium heat to cook for two or three hours.
  • Anyway, this recipe is great for eating the sweet pure, or using it as a filling for cakes, pies and other desserts, for example.

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