Honeymoon quotas

Honeymoon quotas


You created your bride and groom website, it's all beautiful, you had a lot of work to put together the wedding list, but you feel like you're not having any traction when it comes time for your guests to buy their gifts? Here are some tips for getting more honeymoon share gifts.

honeymoon on the beach
Honeymoon share gifts are elegant way to receive money. Photo: Freepik

Main questions about honeymoon share gifts

How to make honeymoon quotas?

Firstly, you should look for a platform that allows you to create a wedding website and a gift registry, such as The day. From there, when putting together your list, you can include the so-called honeymoon quotas, which are nothing more than tour options for your trip. However, they are all fictitious – in fact, the bride and groom will receive these gifts in cash.

What to give as a honeymoon gift?

Often, newlyweds have chosen to make honeymoon gifts. Consequently, guests will be able to gift them with these quotas, which are represented through tours, hotels and experiences at the honeymoon destination. Above all, this is the most practical way to give a gift to couples who want to have an incredible trip.

How to make the most of your honeymoon?

Firstly, the bride and groom must plan in advance. To do this, they can start by researching destinations, as well as their attractions and values. Then, with the location set, they can create a personalized quota list containing tours and hotels as gifts.

How to ask for a trip as a wedding gift?

Above all, the nicest and most delicate way to ask for money for your trip is through honeymoon quotas. In this sense, the bride and groom create a list of gifts online, which are represented by experiences in the chosen travel destination. This way, the guest does not have the impression that they are just giving money.

8 Foolproof Tips for Earning More Honeymoon Share Gifts

Want to know how to expand your list and earn more honeymoon share gifts? See some tips below:

1. Choose an easy-to-use and intuitive website

First of all, both the wedding website and the gift list must have an attractive and easy-to-use layout, so that guests can navigate with ease.

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Choosing a website that is easy and practical to use helps guests a lot in this process. Photo: Freepik

“Here at Lejour, we place great value on design, usability and user experience. Therefore, here at the company we have a mantra that is ‘beautiful transforms'. Our website and wedding list were created with technology to ensure greater platform performance. Likewise, a study was carried out so that the site could be used in a mobile format, since the vast majority of our accesses come from cell phones”, points out Vinicius Hilsdorf, founding partner of Lejour.


At Lejour, the bride and groom can create their own website, we have several templates to suit their wedding style!

2. Have multiple payment options

Above all, the ideal is to make life as easy as possible for your guests. Therefore, when choosing an option for the gift list, it is interesting to evaluate whether there are different payment options – pix, bank slip and credit card. In the latter case, it is important to understand whether it is possible to pay the amount in installments and how many times.

3. Know the profile of your guests and have diversified values

Firstly, you need to understand the profile of the people you are inviting. After all, there's no point just offering expensive gift options if people can't afford these values.

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Bride and groom should choose items with diverse values ​​and that reflect the experiences they intend to live. Photo: Freepik

“Essentially, a question we often ask. Of course, at a party there are usually people with several different purchasing powers, but there is usually a majority who are aligned within the same purchasing power as the bride and groom. This way, the bride and groom can focus on this range, but without forgetting to include some cheaper and more expensive options. A good parameter is also to think about how much the bride and groom invested per person in gastronomy. If they invested, for example, around R$150 per person in the buffet, they can consider this amount as a starting point for creating the list”, explains Hilsdorf.

To help with this task, Lejour has an Excel gift distribution calculator, which can be made available to brides and grooms who complete their wedding list with the brand.

Relationship and social media manager Lívia Magri Alcadi Soares, who created her gift list and wedding website on Lejour, also recommends not placing items with the same value, having a varied range.

“There are people who place several repeated items with the same price range. I believe that when the guest sees very similar gifts, they understand that that is the value range that you stipulated. So I believe that diversifying prices is something that helped a lot when I put together my list”, points out Lívia.

4. Create a custom list

Using ready-made lists can be tempting and practical. On the other hand, by dedicating yourself and putting together a personalized list, with the couple's personality, you can attract the attention of your guests.

“Of course, the ready-made list brings convenience to the couple. However, when they personalize the destination they go to, with the activities they like to do, it becomes more personal, with their style, and guests become more engaged. Even though they are virtual gifts, we noticed that guests usually take care to choose something that has meaning for them or the couple”, suggests Hilsdorf.

That's what Lívia did for her wedding.

“I went to Curaçao and included trips related to beach locations on my gift list. As a result, I believe the guests had the impression that it was a gift that I would really enjoy. During the honeymoon, I took photos related to the purchased items and sent them to the guests. I believe that placing experiences close to what the couple intends to do on their honeymoon helps a lot and also with values ​​close to reality.”, he says.

5. Number of honeymoon share gifts available

Don't know how many gifts to add to your quota list? Hilsdorf's tip is to send out at least the same number of invitations.

newlyweds on the beach
Honeymoon quota gift list must have the same number of invitations sent. Photo: Freepik

“At a wedding for 100 people, for example, an average of around 60 invitations are sent. So, consequently, the ideal is to have 60 gifts”, recommends Hilsdorf.

6. Ask people to visit the bride and groom's website

Finally, don't forget to share the list. In addition to including the bride and groom's website address on the invitation, couples also have the option of sharing the link on WhatsApp, in groomsmen or family groups, according to Hilsdorf.

Lívia comments that she arranged with her fiancé to ask people to visit the bride and groom's website.

“Within our circle, we have people who are familiar with the virtual gift registry and others who are not. Whenever people had questions, we sent them to the bride and groom's website. Or, even, when they asked us what we needed, we already talked about the honeymoon quota list, which was on the website. Additionally, we also encouraged them to go on the website to RSVP,” she recalls.

7. Create an Instagram for your wedding

If you love sharing your everyday life as a bride, why not create an Instagram of your wedding? This way, you can feed it with photos of the couple, the wedding location, some references, in addition to including the bride and groom's website address in the bio link, with list and RSVP.

romantic couple making a heart with their hands at sunset
Publicizing the website is essential for guests to have access to the list of gifts with honeymoon quotas. Photo: Freepik

“Primarily, communication with guests makes them return to the website more often, confirm their presence and then buy the gift”, comments Hilsdorf.

8. Send the list along with the invitations

When sending out wedding invitations, make sure the list is ready and well thought out.

“Normally, the invitation for the godparents is sent six to four months in advance, while for the other guests it is sent two months in advance”, highlights Hilsdorf.

About Lejour

In short, the The day is a platform that helps you plan every step of the wedding – from the budget to choosing suppliers, also offering tools for creating the wedding website e wedding list.

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