complete guide with all information

complete guide with all information


First of all, after a lot of planning, the bride and groom still need to think about rest. Yes, there is also the part of organizing your honeymoon travel guide. However, couples can rest assured, as we have prepared a super guide, filled with all the information you need to know (and do!).

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Just like a wedding, a honeymoon needs planning. Photo: Freepik

Main questions about honeymoon guide

What is a Honeymoon?

Firstly, honeymoon is the period of private celebration that follows the wedding, only between the couple, without the presence of third parties, such as children or relatives. At Honeymooncouples usually celebrate their new union with big trips, most of the time international.

How long does a Honeymoon last?

Primarily, the honeymoon time will depend on the couple's schedule. We consider 10 to 15 days to be a good period, as we must take air travel into account. Everything will depend on the couple’s schedule! But take into account the displacement and tempo rest and, if possible, plan at least a week to take advantage of this moment. If you are going to think about tempo ideal, consider a trip Honeymoon 10 to 15 days.

How to choose the place to spend your honeymoon?

First of all, couples need to define their honeymoon style. Whether you prefer countryside, beach, urban or paradisiacal settings. After that, you can select the destinations that fit your budget.

Why the name Honeymoon?

The name “Honeymoon” comes from ancient Nordic customs from the 16th century, in which newlyweds were encouraged to drink mead (an alcoholic drink derived from the fermentation of mel diluted in water and with a wide variety of styles) during the first lua full or closest to the wedding.

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Honeymoon tips with a complete guide

Check out the main tips and questions about honeymoon in a complete guide!

Most famous honeymoon destinations

First of all, some destinations are among the most sought after by couples. Are they:

  1. Maldives
  2. South Africa
  3. Punta Cana – Dominican Republic
  4. Barbados
  5. Jamaica
  6. Amalfi Coast – Italy
  7. Paris – France
  8. Santorini – Greece
  9. Bruges – Belgium
  10. Budapest – Hungary
  11. Fernando de Noronha – Brazil

What to do on your honeymoon

Primarily, the honeymoon is a unique and special moment for the newlyweds. A trip that will mark their lives and deserves to be enjoyed. To do this, we have put together 10 tips to enjoy your trip:

  • Relax and enjoy every moment;
  • Think carefully about your travel suitcase, separating your clothes according to the climate of the place;
  • Remember the moments of the wedding, the people who were there and stay in that atmosphere of nostalgia;
  • Get plenty of rest, as it is very likely that in the days leading up to the wedding you may have been anxious and not sleeping;
  • Forget your cell phone, unless you want to take photos of every moment and record them;
  • No talking about work! It's time to relax;
  • There should be no fights on the honeymoon. Talk and understand each other;
  • Store jewelry, computer, camera in the hotel safe. Pay attention to your belongings;
  • Be careful with the sun! Use sunscreen and hydrate well;
  • Enjoy the moment and forget about social media, don't post, focus on enjoying every moment.

Where to spend your honeymoon in Brazil?

First of all, discover a paradisiacal country on your honeymoon trip: Brazil. Whether you’re traveling in the cold or the heat, we’ve selected 13 incredible destinations!

Honeymoon in Brazil | Discover 13 paradisiacal places for your trip

Honeymoon outside Brazil

Choosing the best places for a honeymoon guide is no easy task. It is necessary to analyze the couple's tastes, the trips they would like to take together and combine all of this with the budget available for the trip. The good news is that, with a little organization, it is possible to find perfect destinations for all tastes and budgets!

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All-inclusive honeymoon hotels

Firstly, the Travelers’ Choice All-Inclusivand, an award that chooses the best hotels in the world in various categories, released the list of 10 hotels considered the best in the world in the all-inclusive system.

The ranking, prepared by TripAdvisor – a travel planning and booking website, was determined based on an algorithm that calculates the quantity and quality of reviews and ratings given by users around the world, over a period of 12 months.

Honeymoon: 10 hotels voted the best all-inclusive in the world

Honeymoon quotas

Check out how they work and the best way to create honeymoon quotas.

How do honeymoon quotas work?

First of all, it is important to understand that gift lists with honeymoon quotas work as follows: the couple chooses the best platform and puts together their “gift” list. But instead of choosing items for the home, they list options for tours, hotels and experiences they will have on their honeymoon. Then, normally, the redemption is made in cash. Above all, it is usually a good option for couples who already have a house set up or who intend to move to another country after getting married, for example.

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Honeymoon planning avoids unpleasant surprises. Photo: Freepik

Firstly, the bride and groom should choose a wedding website platform with a gift registry option. Then, they create a list with the desired gifts – in this case, they must include options for tours and hotels for the honeymoon – which are “fictitious” items, since the bride and groom will receive money instead and will be able to invest in what they want. they wish. Later, they must put the website address on the invitation or send it to guests via WhatsApp.

Honeymoon quotas | Understand and make your own!

How do I ask for honeymoon quotas in the invitation?

Firstly, the bride and groom usually indicate the address of the bride and groom's website on the invitation. Thus, when accessing it, guests will be able to see the gift list with the honeymoon quotas and give gifts to the couple.

Gift list | Tips for using invitation tags elegantly

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What's the best way to raise money for a honeymoon trip?

Primarily, the best way to raise money for the honeymoon is through the quota list. First, the bride and groom set up a wedding website. Then, within this platform, they create a list of tours and hotels for the honeymoon.

Honeymoon quotas on the wedding website, how do they work?

Honeymoon quotas | 8 tips to get more gifts

How to notify guests that the gift is a quota?

It's simple, just put a small TAG or a mini card on the wedding invitation informing the website where the gift list is hosted and that this list was created with quotas. In fact, it doesn't matter much to the guest. Because he will buy a fictitious gift and the value of the gift is what the bride and groom will receive as honeymoon shares.

Honeymoon quotas, how to create them at Lejour?

Is making honeymoon quotas inelegant?

Beforehand, it is possible to say that it is not inelegant. Increasingly, couples are opting for this alternative. To sound more friendly, the bride and groom usually include the website address on the invitation. After accessing it, guests end up consulting the gift list.

Honeymoon quotas in Brazil | Which ones to put on your list?

How much does it cost to create a quota list?

Gift lists that convert the product into cash – quotas – generally have some costs such as administration fees for the chosen website, which is usually linked to a wedding website for the bride and groom.

Wedding registry | How to create one with honeymoon quotas?

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