7 Melhores Seguros de Saúde para Estudantes no Canadá

7 Best International Health Insurance for Studying in Canada

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If you are going to be an international student in Canada, did you know that most schools require you to have health insurance to apply? So what are your best options if you are just taking a short course? Or if you need a policy over a year old? Take a look at the article below for all answers!

A Health Insurance is a service that many students leave aside, but that is very important to ensure a safe and quiet stay abroad. Also, you will likely need to present proof of medical coverage to enroll in the course!

With this in mind, I have separated the best student insurance options in Canada, along with information on student visas, most common courses, and the Canadian health care system.

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7 Melhores Seguros de Saúde para Estudantes no Canadá

Why should international students in Canada have health insurance?

The main reason to take out health insurance is to ensure that you are covered if you need medical care in your new country of residence.

In the case of Canada, not all students can use the public health system and without insurance, a basic care can be very expensive.

This is not news to anyone, right? In addition to this reason, there are others that I consider relevant, they are:

Each province of Canada has its health plan

In Canada the health system is public, but each province has its own health plan, that is, it manages this system in the way it sees fits best. Therefore, the rules vary from place to place and is not always free. In British Columbia, for example, citizens have to pay a monthly amount that is around $40.

And of course, the rules are also different for students. For example…

Not all provinces offer coverage for students in Canada

As I mentioned above, each province has its own rules and it is not always that a student is entitled to the public health service of Canada.

In addition, most provinces only cover students who will stay at least 6 months in the country. In Alberta, for example, the requirement is at least 12 months. In some cases there may also be a grace period, as is the case of British Columbia.

And all this brings us to the next point…

Canadian schools may ask to see proof of medical coverage (also known as insurance) when you apply

One of the biggest questions about it is whether health insurance is mandatory to enter Canada. The answer is no, you don’t have to file a policy at the time of immigration.

However, most schools in Canada (not to say all) require students to come up with valid insurance before starting the course.

That is, in practice having insurance turns out to be mandatory and the ideal is that you already have everything ready before you even leave Brazil. This will also ensure that you do not pass perrengue when arriving in a province where you do not yet know how the health system works.

To learn more about the types of courses you can study in Canada and the necessary visas, continue reading the article after the list of the best international health insurance for international students in Canada.

As always, I recommend that you make a quick budget online with all the companies I suggest here. It can take a little time, but you may end up saving good money at the end of the day! estudantes no canadáestudantes no canadá

Note: The insurance companies for international students that I mention here are all foreign. However, if you want to deal with Brazilian companies, take a look at Promo Insurance and Real Insurance. I talk about them at the end of the article.

Oh, oh! And there is a table at the end comparing the different student insurance!

7 Melhores Seguros de Saúde para Expatriados e Imigrantes no Canadá

The 5 Best and Cheapest Health Insurance for International Students in Canada

IMGlobal offers a variety of student insurance plans (as well as insurance plans for expatriates in general).

They have three different insurance plans made specifically for students. But as one of them is only for students studying abroad in the United States (The Patriot Exchange Program), let’s just talk about two of them here.

img international student health insurance

Plan 1: Student Health Advantage

This program must have enough to meet all health coverage requirements of your school (but be sure to first check the minimum coverage required!).

This specific plan covers many things that many others don’t – including mental health-related disorders, maternity care, and pre-existing conditions. IMG also covers COVID-19 costs like any other disease and injury that are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Plan 2: Student Health Advantage Platinum

This plan is the same as the previous one, but offers double the maximum coverage: $1,000,000

What I like about IMG International Student Insurance:

  • These plans are designed specifically for students
  • They cover students of all nationalities
  • They have more than 17,000 health care providers to choose from around the world
  • They have 24/7 customer service
  • They cover COVID-19 and telemedicine consultations

What I don’t like about IMG International Student Insurance:

  • In some of his plans, there is a 1-year waiting period for coverage of pre-existing diseases
popular plans img

Cigna Global, one of the world’s largest health insurers, offers plans for travelers, expats and (of course!) international students.

They offer 3 main plans: Silver, Gold and Platinum. These plans will cover you not only in Canada, but around the world! And if you have plans to visit the United States during your stay in Canada, you can choose to want to be covered there as well (although this makes your policy a little more expensive, so it may be better to get just a short travel insurance for your visit to the US).

Here is a table comparing your plan options:

7 Melhores Seguros de Saúde - Cigna

Cigna plans are really flexible and allow you to add what you need (including things like dental and ophthalmologic treatments or international evacuation and crisis care).

The company also has a flexible payment policy and offers several options such as annual, monthly and quarterly payments.

What I like about International Health Insurance for Cigna Global Students:

  • They respond to complaints quickly (according to the company, 95% of refund requests are received in 10 days)
  • The online help center offers access to a list of over 3,000 hospitals, as well as information guides
  • They partner with more than 1.65 million hospitals, doctors, clinics, and specialists around the world (offering many options of choice if you need medical care)
  • They have assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any of their questions

What I don’t like about Cigna Global Student International Health Insurance:

  • Your most basic plan does not cover prenatal and postnatal care
  • They do not include coverage for outpatient consultations with specialists and doctors
cigna seguro saúde para estudante nos estados unidos

Now Health International is a leader in the international insurance market, focusing on fully satisfying its customers through effective and affordable plans.

One of the great advantages provided by this company is high-level customer service, which stands out for its speed and practicality in providing information.

All Now Health plans are meticulously designed to meet, guide and solve the challenges faced by foreigners residing in other countries, including international students and exchange students around the world.

In addition, plans are customizable to suit all your individual needs perfectly.

estudantes no canadá

What I like about the insurance for Now Health International student:

  • Clear information and 24/7 customer service
  • Coverage in more than 190 countries and territories
  • Varied international insurance options and customizable plans
  • Some plans offer coverage of maternity routines

What I don't like about the insurance for student Now Health International:

  • In some procedures Now Health works with reimbursement system
  • For plans with routine maternity coverage it is necessary to wait a grace period of 12 months to access this benefit

Basic or Premium? Short or long-term stay in Canada? Alone or with the family? Regardless of what you need, you can find a plan with Foyer Global Health that works for you.

The company has 3 different plans. Here’s a quick rundown of what each of these plans includes:

global health seguro para estudantes nos eua


  • Consultations, surgery and anesthetics
  • Devices (such as cardiac pacemakers), if necessary, as a rescue measure
  • Congenital diseases (up to a maximum of $100,000 per life)
  • Does not cover maternity and childbirth


  • Consultations, surgery and anesthetics
  • Auxiliaries and therapeutic devices (such as artificial limbs and prostheses) up to $2,000
  • Congenital diseases up to a maximum of 150,000 euros per life
  • Maternity and childbirth care (up to 5,000 euros with a 10-month waiting period)


  • Consultations, surgery and anesthetics
  • Unlimited therapeutic devices
  • Congenital diseases up to a maximum of 200,000 euros per life
  • Maternity care, birth care and midwidrth or nursing services in the hospital (up to 20,000 euros with a waiting period of 10 months)

What I like about Foyer Global Health plans:

  • All plans include consultations, surgeries and basic dental treatments
  • They have 24/7 customer service by phone and email with experienced consultants, doctors and experts
  • They offer evacuation and repatriation service
  • They offer medical support and pre-victory advice (vaccinations, preparation of a first aid kit)

What I don’t like about Foyer Global Health plans:

  • Your most basic plan does not cover prenatal and postnatal care
estudantes no canadá

HCCMIS is another provider that provides insurance for full-time students and scholarship holders who study away from home (along with usual travel insurance sales).

These are the 4 levels of student health insurance coverage they offer (they all work very well for Canada!):

estudantes no canadá

StudentSecure Elite

  • Offers the lowest franchises and the highest maximum coverage
  • 6 months waiting period before a pre-existing condition can be covered
  • Offers sports coverage for club/inter-national activities
  • It covers personal responsibility

StudentSecure Select

  • 6 months waiting period before a pre-existing condition can be covered
  • Optional Crisis Response Pilot for Rescue, Your Personal Fees and Crisis Fees

StudentSecure Budget

  • Coverage of pre-existing diseases begins 12 months after the purchase of insurance
  • Benefits of medium level and higher deductible (for a lower monthly rate overall)

StudentSecure Smart

  • Lowest cost plan (with the lowest corresponding benefits)
  • Higher franchises of all plans
  • Does not cover club sports
  • Can only cover a pre-existing condition in its acute onset

Here is a comparison of the 4 HCC StudentSecure plans (click to view full chart):

7 Melhores Seguros de Saúde - HCCMIS

What I like about HCCMIS’ StudentSecure plans:

  • They offer emergency dental care (in case of accident) up to $250 per tooth and $500 maximum in the certification period
  • They offer an economy plan if you pay the full amount in advance
  • They are some of the most economical plans on this list

What I don’t like about HCCMIS’ StudentSecure plans:

  • There is no coverage for pre-existing conditions on your Smart plan
  • There is a 6 month waiting period for coverage of pre-existing conditions (even in your Elite plan)
  • No vaccination coverage unless you get the Elite plan
  • There is no coverage for maternity and nursery for newborns in the Smart plan
  • Your low-cost plans can have high deductibles
estudantes no canadá

If you have a preference for Brazilian companies, Insurance Promo may be a good option for you.

This is a platform that aggregates several insurances of different companies, which can help in your choice of the plan that best suits your profile.

In addition, the service, clarification of doubts and payment is done directly with Promo Insurance, so it is not necessary to worry about international payments, service in other languages or occasional problems of dealing with a foreign company.

Just remember to confirm with your educational institution if they accept the student health insurance you choose on this platform. This way, you avoid any disorders.

seguros promo

What I like about the international health insurance of Insurance Promo:

  • 24-hour national service
  • The portal has filters that help when choosing the plan
  • Intuitive interface with comparisons between planes
  • Diverse international health insurance for students available

What I do not like in the international health insurance of Insurance Promo:

  • In some plans, the price can vary on account of the current exchange rate
  • The wide variety of options can make your choice confusing  
seguro de viagem internacional 1

Real Seguros works very similarly to Promo Insurance, in it you can compare numerous insurance from different companies until you find the ideal for you.

Because it is a Brazilian company, all service channels are in Portuguese, which can help many people who do not have command of English.

Despite the similarity with the above option, here are some important differences below.

estudantes no canadá

What I like about Real Seguros international health insurance:

  • There are a wide variety of insurance options at fair prices
  • Possibility of dental care coverage in emergency cases
  • If there are no physical conditions to continue in Canada, they cover transfers to Brazil
  • Cover pharmaceutical expenses, as long as they are prescribed by a doctor

What I do not like in Real Seguros international health insurance:

  • Do not offer pregnancy coverage and do not have maternity assistance
  • Some of the available options does not cover pre-existing diseases  

Seguro de viagem bem barato

Comparative tables on the best health insurance for students/intercamists in Canada

IMGCigna GlobalFoyer Global HealthWorldTripsGlobal UnderwritersInsurance PromoReal Insurance
Maximum medical coverage$5,000,000Unlimited in Platinum planThere are no limits on the plan.$1,000,000$1,000,000Depends on the insurance contractedDepends on the insurance contracted
Benefit for mental healthNot specifiedUnlimited for up to 90 daysIncluded in all plans, with a 10-month waiting periodOutpatient: Max. of $50 per day, $500 being the limit addedYes, but no service in PortugueseNot specifiedNot specified
Prescription of inpatient medications80% of expenses outside the network or 100% in the (US) network and internationallyNot specifiedThere is coverFor generic drugs: 100% coinsurance Branded drugs: 50% coinsurance Special Drugs: No CoverageYes IThere is coverThere is cover
Prescription of Medications in Ambulatory50% of the real costs 90 days maximum per dispensing.Not specifiedNot specifiedFor generic drugs: 100% coinsurance Branded drugs: 50% coinsurance Special Drugs: No CoverageYes IYes IYes I
Repatriation of the remains$25,000, at most, or $5,000 for cremationOptionalOptional$50,000 or $5,000 for cremationMaximum of $13,500Yes IYes, only in case of accidents
Evacuation in case of emergency$50,000OptionalOptional$10,000Yes, without limitsNot specifiedNot specified
Hospital RoomOffered up to the average semi-private dailyPrivate roomPrivate roomUsualPrivate roomDepends on the contracted planDepends on the contracted plan
Terrorism$50,000Not specifiedNot specified$100,000
Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD & D)principal sum of $25,000 that is not subject to deduction.$25,000 for the principal participant; $10,000 for plan participating spouse; $5,000 for child participating in the plan; Aggregated limit of $250,000 for total number of insureds in the planOptional$25,000 for the principal participant; $10,000 for plan participating spouse; $5,000 for child participating in the plan; Aggregated limit of $250,000 for total number of insureds in the plan$13,500, only for the Care Plus planThere is coverThere is cover
Dental Emergency$500 per period of coverage per injuryOptionalOptional$2,500Yes, but must be paid on a separate planYes IYes, in cases of emergency
MaternityCovered only in the platinum planeOn the Platinum plan, $14,000/ 11,000 / ?9,000Only on Special and Exclusive planWithin the U.S.: In the PPO network, 80% up to the $25,000 limit. Outside PPO: 60% to the limit of $25,000 Outside the U.S.: 80% until it reaches the $25,000 limit. Reduced benefits 25% if pregnancy is not informed within the first 90 daysCovered in all plansThere are plans with full coverageYes, for emergencies
Pre-existing conditionsmaximum limit of $1,500 after a 12 month waiting periodOn the Platinum plan, $39,000/ $30,500 / ?25,000There is cover$250,000 limit per planNot specifiedIt has no coverageThere is cover
Intensive Care Unit (ICU)Company pays 100% after the franchise is fulfilledOn the Platinum plan, completely coversThere is cover$50,000Yes, in all plansThere is coverThere is cover
VaccinesNot specifiedOptionalOnly on Special and Exclusive plan$200 I'm aYes, but you need to hire a separate planNot specifiedNot specified
Routine care for newbornsNot specifiedOptionalOnly on Special and Exclusive plan$750 per newbornYes, but you need to hire a separate planNot toNot to

Worldwide Medical Insurance/ Comparison Chart

Part of the table is courtesy of Tokio Marine HCC*

Note: This table is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. It was correct at the time I wrote it, but check each company’s website for up-to-date information.

3 International Health Insurance Companies that can also be used by International Students in Canada

The two end companies I will list below do not offer health insurance specifically to students abroad. That said, they offer international health insurance that (most likely) will be accepted by their school or university as proof of coverage.

So here’s my advice for you: ask for a quote for these two companies below and compare it with the quote you got from the companies listed above. If you find that one of these two companies offers good coverage at a lower price than the other options, check with your Canadian school or university if they accept this type of policy.

If so, this is a great chance to save money before venturing into your new home!

Global Underwriters offers international health insurance plans for a wide range of travellers, including exchange students and international students abroad.

When it comes to GU plans, I recommend the Diplomat Long Term and Diplomat International for international students in Canada.

Global Underwriters
Global Underwriters

What I like about Global Underwriters plans:

  • His student plans have coverage for medical evacuations, emergency dentistry and repatriation of remains
  • Diplomat Long Term and Diplomat International plans offer coverage of up to $1,000,000
  • They offer coverage and assistance in case of loss of luggage and travel interruptions
  • They have 24/7 customer service

What I don’t like about Global Underwriters plans:

  • The Diplomat International plan does not cover Covid-19
  • The Diplomat Long Term plan does not serve students residing in Australia and Iran, as well as in New York, Maryland, South Dakota (although this is not a problem for you if you have moved to Canada!)
  • Your plans may be a little more expensive than others on this list
Global Underwriters

– Aetna

Aetna is a recognized company in the area of health insurance.

A good advantage of Aetna is that their plans are really flexible (you can customize based on what is needed for you), and they have very good customer service (as far as insurers) are concerned.


What I like about Aetna’s international health insurance:

  • They have been in the health insurance industry for 5 decades
  • They offer flexible and customized plans
  • They have specialized service 24 hours on the seven days of the week
  • Most of its plans offer coverage for emergency evacuations, cancer treatments, repatriation and hospitalizations
  • They are an insurer who has won awards such as “Health Insurer of the Year” and “Best International Private Health Insurance Provider”
  • They have an app that encourages customers to maintain healthier habits with a points and prize system

What I don’t like about Aetna’s international health insurance:

  • Their website is not very clear about the exact coverage of some of their plans
  • They don’t offer any kind of travel insurance plan

– Geoblue

Geoblue is another great option if you are looking for a health insurance policy to cover you while you study in Canada.


What I like about Geoblue International Health Insurance:

  • Your plans are very adaptable and flexible, based on exactly what you need
  • They have 24/7 customer service
  • Some of his plans cover extras like evacuation, preventive medical appointments and maternity care
  • You can add ophthalmology and dentistry services
  • The Xplorer plan does not have maximum medical coverage, covers extreme sports, does not charge franchises for standard services and has no cancellation fees

What I don’t like about Geoblue’s international health insurance:

  • They do not serve residents of New York and Washington (although this may not be a problem if you move your official residence to Canada!)
  • You have to contact an insurance broker and talk to him in person to get an exact quote (which is very boring)

Types of courses for those who want to study in Canada

Now you know everything about the best health insurance for students in Canada and probably already know which course you are going to take in the country, right? Not? Not? No problem, below I have listed the 3 most common types of courses for those who will study in the country. Maybe that doesn't help you decide.

Language courses

Like the United States, Ireland and Australia, Canada is also a popular destination for those who want to take a language course. The most common are the English and French courses, the two most spoken languages in the country.

The duration of language courses in Canada varies and can be from 1 month to 1 year.

Colleges Colleges and College

For those who want to go to a college abroad and are looking for more extensive options, colleges are a great option. The duration varies between 1 and 5 years and, in some cases, it is possible to work and also take the family (spouses and children, for example).

In addition, this is the choice of many students who really want to live in the country, including those who want to apply in Express Entry, having made a college there are many points. We have already talked about Canada’s immigration programs.

There are a wide variety of courses like management, IT and marketing.

Postgraduate, specialization and MBA

If you want to professionally develop these 3 courses are good options. In addition to studying outside the country, you will be taking a course in another language, which will tell a lot to your curriculum.

The duration also varies greatly and in some cases it is possible to work while studying.

Visa to study in Canada

Anyone who thinks about studying outside the country needs to pay attention to the type of visa they have a right and how to do to apply. In Canada the most common are the tourist visa and the student visa.

In some cases it is possible to apply for visa with work permit, visa for family members and with work permission as well. However, these are conditions that vary greatly according to the course and chosen institution and the duration of your course.

So here I will talk about the most common options for students in Canada.

Study in Canada on a tourist visa

Brazilian tourists traveling to Canada must apply for a visa, the “Visitor Visa”. In the case of students, the tourist visa also applies when the duration of the course is less than 6 months.

However, on the immigration website in Canada says that it is also possible to apply for a student visa, even for short courses. One of the advantages of a student visa is being able to leave and enter the country without problems during the study period.

For example, if your plan is to make the most of your time abroad by visiting neighboring countries like the United States, a student visa will make your life a little easier.

But if your plan is to stay in Canada for the entire course of less than 6 months, you can only apply for the “Visitor’s Visa”.

On the official government website you can find more information.

Study in Canada on Student Visa

For those who will take a course lasting more than 6 months it is necessary to apply for the student visa. The value is $150 and currently the time of issue is at least 14 weeks. Therefore, the ideal is that you apply in advance.

Some of the documents requested are the school acceptance letter, your passport (current and old, if you have) and financial proof that you can keep during this period.

In this case, the amount you need to take into account for one year in the country is CAN$10,000.

On the official website there is a very detailed explanation of the visa, the necessary documents and the financial proof.

In short

Again, here are the 7 best and cheapest health insurance policies for international students in Canada:

  1. Student Health Advantage from IMG
  2. International health insurance for Cigna Global students
  3. Now Health International
  4. Foyer Global Health
  5. StudentSecure Insurance from HCCMIS
  6. Insurance Promo
  7. Real Insurance


As a whole… as you prepare for your time as an international student in Canada, make sure that health insurance is not a detail you forget.

After all, you may not be able to enroll in school without him… and you don’t want to be stuck paying the medical expenses out of his own pocket!

If you still have any questions about these travel insurance options for students in Canada (or about moving abroad in general), let me know in the comment area below and I will be happy to help!