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Foot points (reflexology) to relieve heartburn


A great natural way to relieve heartburn is to have a reflexology massage because this therapeutic massage works and stimulates the stomach by applying pressure to specific points on the foot responsible for this organ.

This reflexology massage helps to reduce the burning sensation that rises from the chest to the throat, relieving heartburn, and can also be used to relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

How to do reflexology massage

To perform a reflexology massage to relieve heartburn, simply follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Bend the foot backwards with one hand and with the thumb of the other hand, slide it laterally from the protrusion of the sole, as shown in the image. Repeat the movement 8 times;
  • Step 2: Push the toes back with one hand and with the thumb of the other hand, slide from the protrusion of the sole to the space between the big toe and the 2nd toe. Repeat the movement 6 times;
  • Step 3: Place your thumb on the 3rd toe of your right foot and go down to the ridge of the sole. Then, press this point, as shown in the image, and make small circles for 10 seconds;
  • Step 4: Place your thumb just below the protrusion of the sole and gently ascend laterally to the point marked in the image. At this point, make small circles for 4 seconds. Repeat the movement 8 times, gently, making circles as you go;
  • Step 5: Bend your foot backwards and, with the thumb of your other hand, go up to the base of your fingers, as shown in the image. Make the movement for all fingers and repeat 5 times;
  • Step 6: Run your thumb along the side of the foot up to the ankle as shown in the image, repeating the movement 3 times gently.

In addition to this massage, to relieve heartburn it is also important to follow other precautions such as avoiding eating too quickly, eating a small amount of food at each meal, avoiding drinking liquids during meals and not lying down right after eating.