Qual a fortuna da Boca Rosa?

What is Boca Rosa’s fortune?


With revenues of R$120 million, Boca Rosa now wants an ’empire’.

You’ve probably heard of Bianca Andrade, better known as Boca Rosa. In short, she is a successful woman, digital influencer, Youtuber, Ex-BBB and businesswoman. Furthermore, she sponsors several brands and developed her own brand of beauty products. In addition, she appeared in films, plays and magazine covers. In this aspect, there is a lot of talk about Boca Rosa’s fortune on the internet, as it is a phenomenon.

Who is Boca Rosa?

Bianca Andrade, known as Boca Rosa, is a Youtuber, Digital Influencer, Ex-BBB and a very successful businesswoman. Furthermore, she was born in Complexo da Maré, a group of favelas in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

At first, when I was little I didn’t have money to buy makeup, even though I liked it. But, in her adolescence she took a makeup course at SENAC. Therefore, she spoke about the subject on the internet, through the Bia Boca Rosa blog.

Later, in 2011, he released his first video on YouTube, on the channel called Boca Rosa. In short, she taught her subscribers how to apply makeup in the best way. That is, with product tips, makeup and tutorials. Soon, she began to be very successful, and in 2013 she appeared on Ana Maria Braga’s program.

Then, she also became a digital influencer on social media. In addition, she sponsors several brands and has participated in the Globo É de Casa program. And, between 2016 and 2017, she presented her play Boca Rosa.

In short, she talked about her story and everything she went through before becoming famous. Finally, she is also very successful with her makeup brand. Therefore, many people speculate about Boca Rosa’s vast fortune.

Fortuna da Boca Rosa

1 – Beginning of Boca Rosa’s fortune

Boca Rosa’s fortune did not come out of nowhere, she had to work hard to achieve all her achievements. Initially, she started her career with makeup tutorials for the internet. Subsequently, her career took off.

Currently, the influencer has 17.5 million followers on Instagram and 5.72 million subscribers on YouTube. Furthermore, she participated in films, magazine covers and became even more popular through her participation in Big Brother Brasil, a reality show.

“I joined BBB with a purpose: to position myself as an entrepreneur for the sofa audience. The internet public already knew me, the offline people didn’t. I started with the intention of positioning myself as an entrepreneur. I ended up dividing opinions, but my brand sold three times as much” – claimed Bianca.

2 – Profits on Instagram

Bianca Andrade’s earnings from Instagram are between US$32,000 and US$54,000 per post, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub tool.

Additionally, it has an engagement rate of 2.20%. On the other hand, Anitta, who has 57 million followers, one of the most followed Brazilian profiles, has a lower engagement, with 1.19%.

3 – Boca Rosa Beauty

Much of Boca Rosa’s fortune comes from its makeup brand, called Boca Rosa Beauty.

“I researched a lot about the Kardashians, and how they managed to be famous without interfering in their businesses. I even attended a talk by Kris Jenner in Los Angeles. Soon after, I launched Boca Rosa Beauty” – says Bianca, who felt inspired by the Kardashians, American influencers.

“Many of my products are innovative, things I wanted and hadn’t yet seen on the Brazilian market. Today there are thousands of products similar to mine. For me, this is synonymous with success!” – Points out Bianca about her brand.

4 – Pandemic

2020 was a turbulent year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Given this, people didn’t worry about using makeup products, as they had to maintain distance and wear masks.

However, even so, Entrepreneur Boca Rosa managed to increase her brand’s revenue and close the year with R$ 120.00 million.

“It’s not like I put all this in my pocket, it’s important for people to know. It’s not money that stays with me, there are a lot of people involved. It’s money that goes to my empire, it’s what makes our brand tick” – explained Bianca in an interview with Bloomberg Línea.

5 – 500 from Boomberg Line

Bianca Andrade was elected one of the 500 most influential personalities in Latin America, by Bloomberg Línea. Furthermore, the businesswoman highlights that she feels honored to help create the influencer profession in the country.

Furthermore, she noted that she enjoyed being behind the scenes as much as in front of the cameras. Therefore, she likes being the face of brands and having her own brand as well. Therefore, it is no wonder that Boca Rosa’s fortune is only growing.

At first, Bianca was not taken seriously by other people. Since, she was just a very young girl, read as a mere dreamer.

“But I didn’t take it personally. I understood that it was an obstacle that I had to face” – said Bianca.

6 – New plans for Boca Rosa’s fortune

Bianca Andrade’s next plans include: Consolidation of her office, Boca Rosa Company and a type of holding for her physical brands. In addition, being part of the children’s products sector, with “Boca Rosa Baby”. Since, she gave birth to her first child, and claims that this made her stronger to fight for her goals.

“I invest in well-being. I’ve spent my life strangling myself for work. Today, my family, my baby, brings me balance, which is fundamental for this company. Nothing works if you are not well, if you are not healthy, and the pandemic showed us that too” – stated Bianca.

Fortune of Boca Rosa x Whindersson Nunes

Boca Rosa and Whindersson Nunes are among the 5 Brazilians who became millionaires through the internet, and before the age of 30. Furthermore, the two also started their careers through videos for a YouTube channel.

Therefore, Bianca has 5.72 million subscribers, and Whindersson has 46.6 million subscribers. On the other hand, Whindersson advertises for brands such as Guaraná Antártica, Santander and Oi.

And, according to Forbes Magazine, the revenue of Bianca Andrade’s ”Boca Rosa” products reached the mark of 120 million reais in 2020.

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