The 10 most famous brands in the world (women's and men's)

The 10 most famous brands in the world (women’s and men’s)


Clothing brands are synonymous with quality and consolidation in the world of fashion. The history of clothing is ancient and is part of art.

A brand is much more than just any piece of clothing. There is a lot of work involved behind it. Courage, regional ideals and personality are part of the world of fashion. Therefore, having a unique piece from a specific and well-recognized store is more than just status, it is, above all, assuming a lifestyle.

The more years pass, the more innovations, releases and models are launched. The act of getting dressed is an action that has grown and evolved along with humanity. From the pieces of animal skin clothing made to protect against the cold to those produced today have a history.

Clothing brands are extensions of this creativity intrinsic to human beings. It is also a form of artistic expression and today it is more than just protection, it is a tool to reinforce an individual’s personality. Therefore, let’s get to know some great companies that have conquered the world with their productions.

Why call clothing brands?


Initially, the first answer to this is the question of quality. In fact, a piece of clothing that lasts longer has a label. But, we are not reduced to this single justification for why we should call clothing brands. There is much more involved in the fashion industry than we realize.

Each store, each company is based on a line of ideas, so it is very likely that all clothes will follow a particular identity. It is through creations that we can get closer to our desires, our image and what we want to convey to people or simply feel comfortable.

For example, what would become of us women if we were stuck in the past wearing long, uncomfortable and frilly dresses? To innovate this reality and give freedom, Cocco Chanel created incredible and elegant models with pants and cleaner clothes.

In other words, clothing is not just another everyday accessory, “dressing” can represent a split between one era and another. We can always identify a moment in history by the way someone dresses up. And it is at these times that clothing brands gain space and make their greatest assets.

10 most famous clothing brands

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Among the millions of clothing brands, we have finally selected for you the most famous clothing labels in the world. It is no surprise that these companies have reached this level of popularity. Therefore, take a very detailed look at each proposal and take the opportunity to see which style, model, stitching and colors best suit you and start putting together your closet.

Clothing brands – Chanel

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First of all, we owe a big thank you to designer Cocco Chanel for creating such uniquely liberating pieces for women. It was no coincidence that she worked until the end of her life and finally broke away from a rigid era of dressing.

His absolute criteria in relation to his creations was only “elegance”. Chanel never stopped carrying herself and producing herself in an elegant and minimalist way. No flashy colors and fabrics, the prevailing idea was “less is more”. This is how she won over the women of her time and built her own empire around the world through the clothing brand Chanel.

Clothing brands – Gucci


From Florence to the world, the Gucci clothing brand is the result of Guccio’s hard work. In his youth he worked in a large and famous hotel called the Savoy Hotel in the city of London. Finally, after a lot of effort, he returned to his city, saved all the money he had earned and opened his first accessories store.

At first, its focus was to sell things that met the needs when traveling. Everything was made with high quality, the producers were handpicked and the best material was available for manufacturing. Even their family members helped in this mission to grow and popularize the brand.

In fact, it’s no surprise after so much work that Gucci is one of the most sought after and worn clothing brands in the world. Wearing it is synonymous with power and style. In this way, high society did not hold back with his creations, which ended up boosting his store even further, ultimately giving the pieces made greater credibility.

Clothing brands – Burberry


Another factor that can help us better understand the relevance of a clothing brand is the date it was founded. Burberry had its origins in 1856 and to this day dominates the catwalks and women’s daily lives. When looking for this style, don’t expect anything less than glamour, soft, fine colors and plenty of plaid.

Chess is above all his greatest specialty. When looking for models from this clothing brand, be prepared to find quality, as the highest priority is to produce products that are resistant to any adversity. In fact, its material strength was so great that the company was invited to work on war clothing in 1914.

The main fabric technology prevented water from permeating the clothing and wetting, especially the soldiers’ backs. Therefore, when you purchase a piece from this clothing brand, know that it can even last your entire life.

Clothing brands – Dolce & Gabbana


Another clothing brand heritage of humanity! Dolce & Gabbana has existed since 1985 with its casual models with a predominant preference for prints. Six creators, Domenico and Stefano, launched the first atelier in Milan, the fashion capital. There they made the models they intended for women a reality.

Fashion shows, showrooms and media coverage have made the clothing brand one of the most popular worldwide. Gradually, several women began to identify themselves and spread the way of dressing to other people. In this way, the work did not stop and Dolce & Gabbana began to produce not only clothes, but also shoes and other accessories.

Clothing brands – Valentino

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The girlish, elegant but very bold style is a strong characteristic of the Valentino clothing brand. It all started with a passion for the visual arts. Sculptures and paintings inspired Valentino Garavani to begin his first works, but not on canvas but on clothes.

The most important thing is that the fashion world had just gained a genius. Therefore, his next step was to dare to create and enter a fashion design school. The result of his courage and dedication was a series of competitions won and certainly the popularization of his company.

Clothing brands – Zara

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Let’s now talk about a very fine label, but completely out of the ordinary. Zara’s combinations are very exotic and challenge women to assume their own personality through their clothes. Simple elegance is a success in the fashion world.

His bizarre story is primarily the result of a madness coming from a boy of just 14 years old. Amâncio Ortega Gaona stopped all his studies and started doing errand work for a shirt shop. After 13 long years as an employee, he decided to open his own company in fits and starts.

Initially, his first creations were aimed at intimate pieces. After a lot of effort and soon after meeting his wife Rosalía Mera Goyenechea, the two came together to make a dream come true. The year 1975 was marked by the founding of the Zara store in the north of Spain in the province of Galicia.

Since then, the clothing brand has been one of the most sought after and most daring. Modernity combined with customary elegance are the two steps forward to conquer the parish. Just stop and take a look at the outfits to really fall in love with the work.



Just stop and take a good look at the Uni1lo clothing brand logo and we can identify where it comes from. The models were registered in Hong Kong and to this day it uses the slogan “Made for All” as its main production focus. Catering to the greatest number of personalities and styles has been the brand’s differentiator.

In 1990, open stores gained so much proportion in Japan that in just 4 years later 100 new outlets were opened. In other words, popularization was almost instantaneous. The coolest thing is that we don’t only find it in segmented and specific places for high society. Due to the public line, it is possible to stumble upon one of these branches even on the train.

Making quality products accessible to a large part of the population also brought them success. That is, it is very difficult to reach such a wide range of people and have total credibility in the production. Therefore, the boldness and persistence of its founders is to be admired.


Portugal Textile

It’s not just that H&M is dominating the fashion world! Its models have been part of wardrobes since 1947 and it currently has a heritage of unparalleled quality and recognition. The clothing brand coming directly from Sweden to Brazil and the world gained credibility thanks to Erling Persson.

Their networks gradually gained space here and there across northern Europe and continued to grow. Its main focus has always been production to serve the female audience. Consequently, the expansion reached not only the brand’s famous clothes, but also began to manufacture accessories that made up the combinations.

Its roots are so strong in the market that not even the crisis threatened its existence. On the contrary, the difficult time faced by the population was an opportune time for the company to learn how to deal with adversity and stand out with its innovation ideas, which, in fact, continue to this day.



Finally, we bring you a recent story from 1990 of the clothing brand Mixed. The intention here is to show that fashion is still moving and a lot is yet to come. Its manufacturing is exclusive to Brazil, but it has already consolidated its quality serving different types of audiences.

Here we can access it in 7 states across the country or have unique products via the internet. Initially, his clothing takes on an air of lightness and full of life, quite characteristic of our region. Children and adults of both sexes can enjoy the pieces and ultimately feel well attended to, with credibility and a feeling of belonging.

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