Hairstyles with clips - 10 easy hairstyles to do with the accessory

Hairstyles with clips – 10 easy hairstyles to do with the accessory


Hairstyles with clips can be more stylish and modern than you might think, especially when the clip is used as an accessory to the look.

Everyone likes to innovate and get out of the routine a little. And when it comes to your look, a great way to do this is by changing your hair and doing different hairstyles. And as we know, clips are the best way to support your hair, and most of the time they are hidden in the hair. But why not try hairstyles with sample clips?

Generally, the clips used in the hair are very discreet that you won't even notice their presence among the hairstyles. But you can use them as a fashion accessory, and bring an extra charm to your look. In fact, clips are a simple way to fix your hair, but they can be much more than that, depending on your creativity and boldness. Far beyond traditional hairpins, nowadays there are several versions, with different shapes, colors and fashion accessories.

Therefore, to inspire you to use this accessory differently, we have put together some hairstyles with hairpins that are very simple to make for you to rock.

Hairstyles with clips

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Most hairstyles are done with clips, which guarantee good hold and durability to the hairstyle. In fact, hair ties are the best option for this, because unlike elastics and clips, they don't break your hair.

They were usually hidden, but nowadays they are used to decorate the look. Therefore, hairpins have become pieces that give a visible finish to the hairstyle, leaving it secured and at the same time stylish.

Many clip-in hairstyles that are done by professionals in salons can also be done at home. As examples we have the following hairstyles.

1 – Half-pinned with visible staples


This hairstyle is very simple, and the exposed hairpins can give the look a more modern and stylish effect. It's easy to do, just separate a small strand on each side and bring it to the back and secure it with two bobby pins, joining their ends at the top. And then, to form the closed triangle, just add a third clip to hold the loose part of the strands.

2 – Crown of braids with clips

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Hairstyles with clips never go out of style, just like the braid that is always reinventing itself. Proof of this is this super delicate braid with hairpins on display.

To do this hairstyle, first of all start by pulling your hair to one side and make a side braid. Ideally, the braid should use all the strands on one side and be closer to the opposite side. Pass the braid over the top of the braid towards the opposite side to create a crown shape. To finish, secure the braid with clips at the end so that it joins at the beginning. And to add volume, place bobby pins in all sections of the braid.

3 – Low bun

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The bun is another easy-to-do hairstyle that never goes out of style, as well as being very sophisticated. To make this bun model using a clip, start by twisting your hair from the ends to the ends. And then curl your hair upwards, until it forms a bun at the height of your neck. Finish by securing it with as many staples as necessary to keep it secure. For even more alignment, apply a setting spray.

4 – False short


Among the most daring hairstyles with clips is the short faux. Always wanted to try short hair but don't have the courage to cut it? Clips can help you get an idea of ​​what this hairstyle will look like. Therefore, you will need two elastic bands and many large ones to turn the long locks into short hair.

First of all, part your hair in the middle and tie two low ponytails back. The elastics must be placed in the hair at the desired length. Then, take one of the strands and roll the strands inwards, raising the end of the elastic, camouflaging it behind the hair. Secure the hair roller with the clips inside so they don't show. Do the same procedure on the other part of the hair and finish with a hairspray.

5 – Half updo with quiff


This hairstyle is also very popular and easy to do. It makes the look much more modern, especially with a topknot and lots of customized hairpins.

First of all, make the top, which is the main part of this hairstyle. Pull your bangs up and tease the back. The tip is: the more you unravel, the bigger the topknot will be. Once done, tie the entire fringe back using bobby pins and straighten the top with a comb and a hair clip. Then, pull two strands from the sides and secure with bobby pins just above the quiff. To add more charm, opt for decorated hairpins on the sides.

6 – Locks intertwined at the back

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This hairstyle is just charming, and can be done on all hair types easily. First, separate a small side strand and secure it back using a clip. Second, pull a second strand of the same size from the opposite side and do the same procedure, going over the clip of the first strand. Continue intertwining the strands, one at a time and always covering the hairpins until you reach the desired size.

7 – Stuck on one side

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Hair tied on just one side is one of the most modern and stylish hairstyles with clips, and it goes well with a variety of looks. To do this, she starts by dividing her hair with a part on the side. Then pull the smaller part back and move it to the other side. You may need to clip the strand below the longer section. Finish by decorating the side where the hair was tied using several clips.

8 – Simple braid

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This is another version of the braid, equally sophisticated, but which leaves most of the hair loose. To do it is very easy. Just make a small braid using a section with little hair, bringing it to the other side and securing it with a diagonal clip.

9 – Twisted hair secured with clips


Want a modern, laid-back look? This hairstyle is ideal. The tip to make it even more stylish is to opt for colorful hairpins. To do it is very simple. First, divide your hair into three parts, with the two sides twisted so that the front part forms almost a topknot.

10 – Simple retro hairstyle

This is a good choice for more formal occasions, which require a simple but classic look. The retro hairstyle is very basic. To do this, simply separate two strands of hair from the top of the hair and take them to the back, securing them with clips. Between the strands there is volume that gives the hairstyle more attention.

11 – Ponytail secured with clips

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Despite being a ponytail, this hairstyle is different from all the ponytails you are used to. In addition to being very modern, it is very stylish and easy to make. First, comb your strands well and separate two medium strands at the front, and use the rest of your hair to make a low ponytail. Then, take the strand on the right in the opposite direction and the strand on the left also in the opposite direction. Secure the two strands with hairpins, forming a crossover and a beautiful hairstyle.

12 – Clip headband

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And then, the headband with clips, an evolution of the hairstyle. In this way, the hairpins took center stage in this hairstyle. To do it is very simple, with your hair down, just cross the hairpins forming a kind of fence around your head. Therefore, it can be done with both larger and smaller staples.

13 – Loose hair with clips


And finally, a hairstyle that is nothing more than securing a strand or fringe of hair by playing with the clips. This way, you can use your creativity to form the most diverse figures, like a tic-tac-toe game for example.

Anyway, what did you think of this article? In fact, take the opportunity to also check out hairstyles for brides.

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