Roteiro de Aveiro, Portugal

Itinerary of Aveiro, Portugal


We barely arrived Aveiro, and the group came to the conclusion that it was everyone's favorite city during our stay in Portugal. In addition to being colorful, Aveiro It's bright, charming! So, let's go to Itinerary of Aveiro, Portugal.

Itinerary of Aveiro, Portugal

Traditional moliceiros moored in the canal

We stayed at the Hotel Moliceiro, very well located, with themed rooms. I was awarded the “oriental”, which didn’t really look like me, but it was worth the fun.

Itinerary of Aveiro, Portugal

Where to stay in Aveiro

At Hotel Moliceiro, each room has a theme

where to stay in Aveiro

O quarto oriental

The city is known for its canals and moliceiro boats, called so because they collected “moliços”, algae that were the main fertilizer used on agricultural lands in Rio de Janeiro. Aveiro. But in the 1970s, with the arrival of chemical fertilizers, momolços fell into disuse. Boats today are used for turismo, but they maintain the same characteristics as before: half-moon shape, around 15 meters long and a curious detail: at the bow the boats are very colorful, very well decorated and each one different from the other. We, as visitors, could not leave Aveiro without taking this tour.


The beautiful landscape of Aveiro

Boat trip in Aveiro

The contrast of the blue of the canal and the colors of the moliceiros: perfect landscape for a photo

Tour in Aveiro

A toast to the day in Aveiro!

Located 300 km from Salamanca, Aveiro It is also the city where the ovo moles were born, those Portuguese delicacies, which were obviously not only devoured, but also bought to take on the return trip.

Portuguese sweets

Soft eggs, tradition in Aveiro. The shapes are barrels, shells and stars

Portuguese sweets

Soft-boiled eggs from Aveiro

I couldn't resist and also brought it to Brazil

We also visited the antiques fair, called Feira das Velarias, which is located in the Fish Market Square. The fair is always held on the fourth Sunday of the month, from 8:00 to 18:00.

Aveiro Flea Market Antiques fair in Aveiro

Aveiro museum

The facade of the Museum


A bela catedral

Aveiro museum

The Princess's tomb

One of the tourist attractions of Aveiro is the cathedral, decorated with a panel of tiles from the 19th century and the Museum of Aveiro, where there is the tomb of Princess Santa Joana, who became a nun in the 15th century and a permanent exhibition of painting, tiles and textile materials.

what to do in Aveiro

Resident in a typical house in Aveiro

Aveiro houses

House decorated with tiles

house with tiles

Another typical house

As antigas fishermen's houses They are also a tourist attraction. They are all decorated with tiles, used to combat the sea air that corroded them. I was delighted with the tiles, one more beautiful than the other.

Portuguese tiles

The beautiful tiles that decorate homes and businesses in Aveiro

Dinner was at a very charming restaurant called The neighborhood. Typical Portuguese food, but with a contemporary touch. And it has the advantage of being well located: in Praça do Peixe, one of the best spots in the city for going out at night. The paper towels are cute, characters like Dona Rosa next door, who knows everything about everyone’s life…

where to eat in Aveiro

The facade of the restaurant

where to eat in Aveiro

Where to eat in Aveiro

Lots of food options and well-located restaurant

The next day, close by, in Costa Nova beach, we met more cute and colorful houses. And full of history: in the 19th century, fishermen stored their equipment here. Today these houses are invaluable. They are painted with red, green, yellow stripes and are all facing the Ria de Aveiro.

Costa Nova Beach

Costa Nova Beach

Colorful houses in Portugal



Some typical houses have become restaurants and bars, like this ice cream shop

We tried a cod tasting in the traditional restaurant Bela Rita and then, we went to the Ílhavo Maritime Museum, where we learned a lot about Portugal's most typical dish and its fishing, from the time of discovery until the 70s. Fishing took up to six months in the harsh winter and many fishermen ended up dying.

Where to eat cod in Aveiro

Cod tasting, dishes prepared in various ways.

Portuguese food

Portuguese sweets

Typical Portuguese dessert: creme brûlée (for us, creme brûlée)

ílhavo maritime museum

The cod museum

laugh at aveiro

Even if you decide not to sleep in Aveiroas we did, it is worth spending the day in this friendly city with hospitable people.

Text and photos: Renata Araújo

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