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What do parakeets eat? Check out the full list!


To guarantee a nutritious and very delicious food to the pet, guardians need to know what does parakeet eator rather, what foods are allowed for him.

In addition to species-specific feed, there are many alternatives to complement the animal's diet. To find out more, keep reading.

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After all, who are parakeets?

Before explaining everything about the feeding of this speciesit is necessary to understand who are the parakeets and what is your story.

Chosen by many Brazilian families as a pet, parakeets are representatives of the parrot family.

In other words, they are part of a group of birds that have striking features, such as a downward-curved beak, vibrant colors and an ability to make some human sounds.

Furthermore, parakeets have quite a personality, as they are very lively, docile, companionable and resonant.

Measuring from 18 cm onwards, they can live approximately 20 years, but of course, when you take proper care of the pet, such as its diet.

Parakeet nursery

What do parakeets eat?

The parakeet is a herbivorous animalTherefore, their diet may consist of grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables and species-specific feed.

Furthermore, depending on the region, it is possible to add mealworms to the bird's diet, which help provide nutritional enrichment.

What fruit does the parakeet eat?

Although this bird's main diet is seeds, they can eat some fruits, including:






Blue parakeet and yellow parakeet together in a cage

What vegetables are allowed for them

Among the vegetables allowed to the animal are:






But be careful, as your pet's diet cannot be based solely on these foods.

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What can't a parakeet eat?

Although there are fruits and vegetables that are permitted and beneficial to parakeets, some are considered toxic and cannot be offered to pets, including:

Rhubarb leaves;

Onion in large quantities;

cherry seeds;


peach tree;



Additionally, parakeets are unable to digest raw potatoes, cabbage, lemons and grapefruits, so these foods should be avoided.

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Can you give your parakeet bread?

No, because according to experts, bread contains substances that are highly harmful to the species.

Because it can cause complications in your body due to its preservatives, emulsifiers and other more industrialized touches.

Can you give your parakeet rice?

Yes, as it is possible to offer them some types of grains, such as: quinoa, brown rice, wheat or barley, and it is also possible to add natural and organic honey.

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So, did you like it? It's not that hard to find out what does parakeet eat, Is not it? And for more content like this, be sure to follow our blog.