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Discover everything about the cockatiel


In addition to the cockatiel being one of the favorite pet birds, it wins the hearts of Brazilians, as it has a happy, fun and charming profile.

But just like any pet, the cockatiel has origins, particularities and specific care. Continue reading and discover everything!

Two cockatiels in gray and orange colors

After all, what is the origin of the cockatiel?

In addition to being a bird native to Australia, in Oceania, the cockatiel belongs to the order of parrots, as well as parrots, parakeets, macaws, maracanãs, tuins, and cockatoos, which, by the way, are often confused with cockatiels.

Also called cockatiels, they were domesticated around 1800 and taken to the European continent. In Brazil, cockatiels and cockatoos only arrived in the 1970s.

However, the cockatiel is an exotic animalas there are no wild animals of its species in Brazil, as they came from Australia.

Cockatiel on a branch

What are the types of cockatiels?

There are currently more than 20 variations of the species. However, some are more unusual, for example, a rare cockatiel, it's the white-faced lutino.

Check out the list of the main types of cockatiels below:



cockatiel with a white face;











reverse cockatiel.

gray cockatiel

Temperament and behavior

Cockatiels are birds extremely sociableand for this reason they are included in the classification of contact birds. This means that they are playful, docile, happy, fun, charming and love to sing, whistle and scream.

Furthermore, this pet tends to be very attached to its owner and hates being alone. That's why it's highly recommended to raise two cockatiels together so they can be companions.

Another striking characteristic is their intelligence and some male birds can imitate sounds and end up reproducing some words frequently spoken by the humans in the house, just like parrots.

2 lutino cockatiels

What does a cockatiel like to do most?

Due to his totally sociable and communicative temperament, Cockatiels love to interact with their guardians or another pet.

Therefore, set aside a period of the day to pet her, put her on your shoulder, encourage activities and have fun. And while traveling, a great option is to hire a Pet Sitter da Pet Anjowhich will guarantee all the necessary care, in addition to giving the bird affection and lots of fun.

Gray Cockatiel receiving care from a professional Pet Sitter

What can't you do with a cockatiel?

One of the main indications is to respect its temperament, as a cockatiel can be angry or skittish for several reasons: because it has never had contact with humans, because it has suffered mistreatment, trauma or even an attack by a predator.

However, it is necessary respect your spacewithout forcing an interaction, and avoid areas where the cockatiel does not like to be touched, such as the chest and feet.

How to train your cockatiel?

As it is an animal that is often agitated, or even has trauma, it is necessary to introduce training into the cockatiel's life, to teach tricks, stimuli and interaction.

And it is recommended to start while the pet is still a puppy. Until 14 weeks of age, the bird is more adept at learning. However, when adopting an adult bird, it will still learn very quickly.

black cockatiel

Stay in a cage or live free?

As it is an exotic animal in Brazil, release into the wild is not recommended, as our fauna is not the bird's natural environment, which makes it difficult to feed and protect it.

As it is a contact animal, the cockatiel needs physical interaction with humans, but with supervision and safety.

In turn, the cockatiel cage must be large and spacious, and the most recommended thing is that it has a nursery, as it is a larger environment than a cage and helps maintain the pet's health and well-being.

What do cockatiels eat?

Just like every animal, the cockatiel needs specific foods to ensure its nutrition, including species-specific feed, seeds, some fruits, vegetables and flour for cockatiel.

This means that, in addition to seeds such as millet, sunflower, oats and birdseed, which can be offered in a complementary way in the pet's routine, cockatiel food It is more than suitable for a balanced diet.

And some permitted fruits and vegetables they are:









The fruits offered must be seedless and the vegetable options must be dark green leaves, as they do not tend to disrupt the birds' intestinal flora.

beautiful cockatiel

Most common diseases in cockatiels

Because it is very difficult to notice any abnormality in a bird's health, for example, when encountering a shaking cockatiel, sneezing or vomiting The ideal is to take her to the veterinarian quickly.

Furthermore, visit the professional constantly. Check the list of most common diseases in cockatiels






giardiasis and other parasitic infections.

Do I need to bathe my pet?

On hot days, baths are welcome, as this pet loves to play with water and have fun during the shower.

How long does a cockatiel live?

When well cared for and stimulated with a routine of activities, a balanced diet, periodic visits to the veterinarian and frequent attention to cleaning the cage and other elements of the pet are fundamental for the bird and have a direct impact on its life expectancy.

When receiving this care, she can live up to 15 years, and there are stories of several who went beyond that.

What is the value of a cockatiel?

Generally the value of the animal costs around R$150 to R$300. Remember to carry out a conscious adoption and search for reliable and certified breeders, where the animals are well treated.

So, did you like knowing everything about the cockatiel bird?

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