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Outback Orange Juice with Strawberry


Every time I go to Outback I drink this juice. There's the photo above that won't let me lie. In fact, I drink it when I'm behaved, because when I'm not, I indulge in Caipirinhas with exotic flavors! I adore!!!

But back to the juice, it's really delicious and very simple to make.

You need orange juice and strawberry juice. Then comes that moment when you think: “Duh, if the juice is orange and strawberry, that’s obvious, right?”

Huh. But there's a little secret. The strawberry has to be frozen so that when it is blended it becomes lighter, like frozen and with a lower density, it will float and form a separate layer from the orange juice.

Then you add half the glass of orange juice. Blend the frozen strawberries with a little water (as little as possible). And carefully pour it over the orange juice.

Look how AHAZO my juice in the wine glass:

Ideally, you should sweeten the orange and strawberry juice beforehand, because if you sweeten them after they are in the glass, the layers will mix. It looks beautiful, right?

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