Foto do ambiene da Coral no Casacor SP 2023

Decorating trends, colors, photos of the environments, architects and everything about the edition

House and garden

The most complete exhibition of architecture, landscaping, art and interior design of the Americas, is back with its edition of 2023. The event brings together renowned industry professionals who present trends, colors and innovative ideas in an inspiring environment.

With a wide variety of environments, visitors will have the opportunity to explore unique creations full of creativity and beauty. Offering a must-see experience for lovers of architecture and design.

Look at what awaits you!

Deca Cycles by Sig Bergamin

Sig Bergamin, one of the leading names in architecture and interior design in Brazil, which signed the first Deca space, brings in its third partnership with the brand in the show, its interpretation of the changes in the bathrooms over decades and projects the future, uniting nature, design and colors.

“The space combines revisited classics of the brand with trends that point to a growing protagonism of the bathroom as an environment of personalization and self-expression. The Deca products inserted here, mostly launches, reinforce for the visitor the pioneering of the brand in color technology D.coat.”, highlights Fabiana Melo, manager of branding, communication and CRM of the Dexco Group.

Ambiente de Sig Bergamin - Ciclos Deca por Sig Bergamin, no Casacor SP 2023
Credits: Fran Parente

The Coral House

The architect Ricardo Abreu participates for the fourth time, the largest exhibition of architecture, landscaping and design in the Americas. In this edition, the professional presents his latest creation, in a partnership with Coral, sponsor and official ink of the event:

The project offers visitors an impactful environment in which shades of rose predominate, combined with a playful and modern architecture, an ode to the courage to risk in the universe of colors and in projects that value the individuality of those who inhabit them.

Ambiente de Ricardo Abreu - Casa Coral, no Casacor SP 2023
Credits: André Mortatti/ Instagram ?andremortattifotografia
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the Sereno Garden

Imagine finding a refuge full of peace and contemplation precisely in one of the busiest roads in Brazil – Avenida Paulista, which represents one of the main financial and cultural centers of the country. This special contrast gives life to Jardim Sereno, a project of 110 m2 of the landscape designers Gabi Pileggi (Fiel Gardener office) and Luciana Bacheschi.

“It is a garden that values simplicity, which welcomes stories and reverts to origins, honoring the passage of time. We think of a space of healing, which helps to regenerate, restore the innermost energies and seek their purpose,” says Gabi Pileggi.

“Here, less is more and the quiet of nature can be felt and absorbed. We have created an imperfect and natural being that leads us to a reflection, a moment of peace, a pause”, continues Luciana Bacheschi.

Ambiente de Luciana Bacheschi e Gabriela Pileggi - Jardim Sereno, no Casacor SP 2023
Credit: Cacá Bratke

Address of Samba

The influence on the name of the space of Marcelo Salum and his relationship with the theme “Body and Abode” comes from the understanding that the body is our abode and we express ourselves through it, our culture.

Samba is one of the most characteristic cultural movements in Brazil, which was born as a form of liberation, through music and dance, under the strong influence of Africa. It brings intrinsic strength, movement, joy, an engaging and contagious rhythm that stirs our senses

“As a 100% Brazilian company, there would be no better way to revere one of the main immaterial symbols and cultural heritage of the country. We believe in the power of music to generate conversations through, not only of the lyrics, but also of the feelings that awaken and experiences they provide. The Salum environment translates the Brazilianness and strong influence of the roots of samba and has the power to take us on a journey in history, as well as in a song”, says Edgard Nicola Sanches, Commercial Director of Casa Riachuelo.

Ambiente de Marcelo Salum - Morada do Samba, no Casacor SP 2023
Credits: André Klotz

The Paulista Viewpoint

A playful garden, which exalts and accompanies the outlines of the modernist architecture of one of the most iconic buildings in the country, the National Ensemble, and which, through the organic forms of furniture and landscaping legitimately Brazilian, becomes a great living in the open air. This is the DNA of Mirante Paulista, a project signed by the landscape designers Catê Poli and João Jadão.

The environment is inspired by nature, the combination of Brazilian and exotic plants, the curves of the human body and the desire to connect with the inner essence of visitors, as a true space to receive. The moodboard with earthy and green tones denote the gradient of colors that do not repeat. The space of 150 m2 in the outdoor area, designed on a large living balcony, allows a break in the run of the running. “The feeling of welcoming yourself to nature is invigorating,” explains Catê Poli.

Ambiente de Catê Poli e João Jadão - Mirante Paulista, no Casacor SP 2023
Photo by Evelyn Muller

Element Office

The name of the environment refers to the use of elements that give life and personality to the ticket office, headgear and entrance lounge. The project thought in honor of the historical building, “As a starting point for the creation of the project, we reproduce the details of the central dome of the building, on a tensioned, illuminated and 100% sustainable material screen”.

The theme “Body & Abode” is present by the connection between the elements and diversity of forms, showing that we are not half that are complete, but integers that fit – phrase stamped on one of the walls of the lounge.

Ambiente de Andressa Danielli e Vanessa Pasqual - Bilheteria Elemento, no Casacor SP 2023
Credits: Rafael Renzo

Horta Urbana

Landscape designer Mônica Costa signs the environment “Horta Urbana”. Guided by the theme Body & Address, the landscaper presents a sensory and immersive space of well-being and pleasure.

There are 100 m2, of which 70 m2 indoor and 30 m2 outdoor, which promotes the connection with nature and awakens environmental awareness, encouraging visitors to engage in the cultivation of plants, allowing them to better understand the life cycle of food, the importance of water and the need for sustainable agricultural practices.

“This experience can lead to a deeper appreciation of the environment and a greater adoption of ecological behaviors,” says Mônica.

Ambiente de Mônica Costa Paisagismo - Horta Urbana, no Casacor SP 2023
Credits: MCA Studio

Nest & Aspargos

The architect and urban planner Renan Altera is responsible for the official restaurant of the show: the Badebec. The architecture and interior design of Altera Arquitetura is an ode to host. Inspired by the theme “Body & Abode”, the space is named “Ninho & Aspargos” and invites visitors to a sensory and contemplative experience, where gastronomy, art and nature come together in perfect harmony.

Ambiente de Altera Arquitetura - Ninho & Aspargos, no Casacor SP 2023
Credits: André Mortatti

Polonizer Square

With the proposal to share knowledge and, consequently, the awareness process, the garden, with 100 m2, deals with a question little addressed in society: pollination.

The project conceived by landscape designer Luciano Zanardo plays with organic, geometric and vibrant colors to highlight the exotic exuberance of allokastics and the tropical beauty of the safe-embogic bromeliaths, native of the Atlantic Forest, polising and popularized in the 1960s by Burle Marx.

Ambiente de Zanardo Paisagismo - Praça do Polinizador, no Casacor SP 2023
Photo by JP Image

“The inspiration of our project was based on the desire to instigate the presence of visitors as an invitation to exploration and individual and collective discoveries, connecting to the body and address, merging moments of contemplation or greater interaction with other people,” explains Caru Cunha.

The Livraria Com Arte was developed by professionals Nana Cunha, Caru Cunha and Sílvia Camargo.

Ambiente de Caru Cunha, Nana Cunha e Silvia Camargo - Livraria Com Arte, no Casacor SP 2023
Photo by Carolina Mossin

Other environments

The main event of the most complete exhibition of architecture, landscaping, art and interior design of the Americas, presents this year a total of 74 environments.

With the theme Corpo & Morada, the 36th edition seeks to bring new approaches and readings to important issues of the present, such as inclusion, diversity and sustainability. The cast professionals created projects inspired by the skin in which we inhabit, considering both the skin of the body and that of the house and the planet.

Check below other environments available for consideration.

Ambiente de Flávia Burin e Bruna Moretti - Pó e Glória, no Casacor SP 2023
Photo by Renato Navarro