10 dicas para você fazer boas compras em brechós

11 tips for making good purchases at thrift stores


Do you already shop at thrift stores or do you want to start? Check out these valuable tips for buying quality pieces at a good price.

Thrift stores are a great way to renew your wardrobe and save money. So, leave prejudice aside. Just because a piece isn’t new doesn’t mean it can’t be perfect for you. Therefore, these Tips for shopping at thrift stores physical and online will help you a lot.

With these tips, you will find the best pieces with good quality, style and, of course, a good price. Then, Even if you already have a habit of buying second-hand or if you want to start shopping in thrift stores, whether physical or online, you need to be prepared.

After all, you don’t want to take a piece home to discover that it has a defect, do you? So, check out these cool tips and make a killing on your next thrift store purchases.

Tips for finding great pieces at thrift stores

It’s not enough to arrive, look and buy. In thrift stores you need to be smart and know the right tricks to make a successful purchase. So, here are the best tips for shopping at thrift stores:

1. Do your research beforehand

The first step of purchasing happens before you go to the thrift store. It is crucial for a good purchase to research trends and inspirations beforehand. This way, you will go shopping with at least an idea of ​​what you need to add to your wardrobe.

2. Know your wardrobe

Yes, in addition to researching what you need, you also need to know the clothes you already have and your style. This way, you will have a broad view of what you already have and what you can combine with your wardrobe. So, avoid running the risk of buying a random piece that will ultimately be stored forever without any possibility of combination.

3. Take time and patience

This tip is essential, after all, thrift stores tend to have a huge variety of pieces, so don’t think you’ll find yours when you enter the store. Shopping at thrift stores is basically panning to find gold, in this case the best pieces. So, take your time and be patient to look through everything and find pieces that are worth it to you.

4. Analyze the piece carefully

Yay, did you find the piece you wanted? Great but don’t be fooled yet, Now comes the part of analyzing the piece completely to see if it is really in good condition. As it is a second-hand product, it is quite common to find pieces with small defects, such as missing buttons or loose stitching. Some defects may pass, others compromise the use of the piece.

5. Condition of items in thrift stores

Look for small defects, but be sure to carefully observe the condition of the piece. Therefore, take a look at the external and especially internal finishes. Also, look for stains, especially on older pieces.

6. Condition of the zipper

In the case of pants and jackets, an extra detail is very important: the zipper.. So, among the other details to look out for, the main one is the zipper, as this is the one that tends to cause the most problems, especially used and antique pieces that are sold in thrift stores. So, don’t forget to test how the zipper works so you don’t have any surprises later.

7. Try everything

Did you find the perfect piece, checked all the details and is everything ok? So it’s time to find out if it’s right for you by trying it out. Numbering on the label is not always accurate, moreover, over time, pieces may change size. So don’t trust numbers, trust experimentation. Just by wearing the piece you will see how it looks on your body, whether it is tight or loose or even whether it really looks good on you.

8. Start with accessories

This tip is for those who have never shopped at thrift stores but want to start. So, if you are still afraid of wearing clothes that once belonged to other people, you can start by purchasing accessories, such as belts, bags, scarves and complementary pieces.

9. Beware of low prices

Of course, prices are a great attraction of thrift stores, however, don’t get excited just by the affordable price. Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean it’s worth taking for the sake of taking it. Because one of the ideas behind this type of purchase is conscious consumption. So, only take what you are going to use and that fits your budget.

10. Beware of counterfeit parts

Sometimes you can find an iconic piece from a luxury brand, it’s not difficult. However, as exciting as it is, be careful not to take a fake piece believing it to be real. In this case, it is very important to know the history of thrift stores. Furthermore, there are some tricks to verify the authenticity of a product, such as searching for the serial number, analyzing the quality of the material and other details that make all the difference.

11. Buy instantly

Finally, a valuable tip for shopping both in thrift stores online and in physical stores. If you see something you really like, don’t wait to buy it later. Buy instantly. Because the chances of someone else buying before you are very high and you will be left without the piece you liked so much.


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