LIquid Hair

Find out what it is and how to join this trend


Liquid hair is characterized by ultra-smooth hair with a gloss effect, which appears liquid and has an intense shine.

The favorite trend among foreigners, known as liquid hairvgaining more and more followers around the world. This hairstyle stands out for having a gloss effect, which makes the strands appear moist and thick.. The success of this look is due to the combination of hair products, such as oils and serums.which soften and hydrate hair, along with drying and styling techniques that add movement and volume to strands.

The best part is that this sophisticated look can be easily played at home using common products. To achieve the desired effect, simply use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, hair oil and a moisturizing and anti-frizz serum. These products are essential to smooth e give shine to hairensuring the bright and healthy appearance characteristic of liquid hair. Furthermore, it is essential keep hair well-groomed and healthy to maximize the outcome of this trend.

So, let’s find out a little more about this trend? Stay with us!

What is the liquid hair trend?

The trend liquid hair is a hairstyle that stands out for its gloss effect, fmaking strands appear moist and thick thanks to the intense shine. This look is achieved by combining hair products, such as oil and serum, which soften and hydrate the addition to specific drying techniques and styling that gives movement and volume to the hair.

Smooth hair, with a shiny and silky finish, is once again the favorite of the moment and it’s already a big hit among foreigners. To adopt this style perfectly, it is important to follow some specific guidelines. For example, avoid the use of gel is essential, as it does not provide the silky and malleable effect characteristic of liquid hair.

Step by step to achieve the liquid hair effect

1- Apply light hydration

The first step is wash your hair well with specific products for your hair type, followed by light hydration to leave your hair shiny.

2- Be sure to apply hair oil

Apply hair oil to soften the strands and greatly contribute to shine. Yes, it seems like it goes wrong… but it works. Trust!

3- Moisturizing and anti-frizz hair serum

By using a moisturizing and anti-frizz hair serum you will have easier to untangle your locks. OK?

4-Dry your hair very subtly

Dry your hair subtly with the help of a hairdryer. At this stage, you can use a round brush to help detangle.

5- Use the straightener

Here is where the magic starts to happen. That’s because, it’s obvious: the straightener will straighten your hair. A paddle-type brush can help you with this step.

6- Observe the ends

It is very important that you give extra attention to the ends to maintain the straight hair effect for longer. Combined?

7- Finishing spray

Finally, this last step is essential for ensure that shiny looks in the wires.

How to care for hair that follows the liquid hair trend?

Here, three care They are more than essential, starting at the scalp and ending at the ends.

1- Scalp

Is very It’s important that you start at the rootpreparing an arsenal of oils, serums and even hair exfoliants that help detoxify, cleanse and hydrate the scalp.

2- Do nighttime wetting

Then, apply oil to the length of your hair before bed, leaving it to act for a few hours. The next morning, wash your hair to remove excess. This technique should be done 1 to 2 times a week, okay?

3- Take care in finishing

Finally, to give the final touch and achieve the dream liquid hair effect, you need to dry your hair with a hairdryer or straightener, straightening all the strands 3 to 4 times. This step should be done no more than twice a week to avoid damaging the hair.

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