The Terraces of Madrid


By Renata Araújo

One of the best things about the arrival of summer in the Spanish capital is The Terraces of Madrid. In other words, bars and restaurants that are located on rooftops, generally outdoors. How I lived for three years in Mothers, I selected some of my favorites!


In the heart of the Salamanca neighborhood, ABC Serrano is a charming shopping center located on the street of the same name, considered the most beautiful in the world for shopping. Above, a beautiful terrace with pleasant atmosphere and good food.

On the same avenue, for those who are up for a more intense party, there is Serrano 41. Always packed with young people. The atmosphere changes from afternoon to night, turning into a nightclub.

In the bohemian La Latina neighborhood, El Viajero, with Argentine cuisine, is one of my favorites! Always full, hot or cold. But in summer, the number of people on the sidewalk is surprising and the view from the terrace is a plus!

The traveler - Madrid

The Penthouse, on the top floor of the Midnight Rose hotel, is the ultimate and this summer's top choice! Friday and Saturday, endless line at the door. With a privileged view of the city, the hotel is located in Plaza de Santa Ana, one of the friendliest in the city, full of bars and restaurants.

At the top of the Hotel Urban, one of the most sophisticated and stylish in Madrid, this terrace has an incredible view! You can also have a drink at glass bar, which is downstairs and/or dinner at the East 47 restaurant: wonderful food!! Program so no one can make a mistake!

So, now that you know what they are The Terraces of Madrid Be sure to check it out if you go there in the summer.

Photos: Renata Araújo and reproductions from the internet