what to do in Amsterdam


Publicist Marcelle Lemos, my good friend, went to Europe for the first time this year and one of the cities she liked most was Amsterdam. So, I asked her for some tips about this city that I don't know yet but I'm dying to go.

Marcelle sitting on the banks of the Singel canal

– O What impressed you most about the city?

The means of transport. I was very impressed by the number of people who get around by bicycle. People of all ages, everywhere. With so many bicycles, cars, trams and buses that are the city's means of public transport, it becomes an adventure to cross the streets in Amsterdam.

Cervejas Brewery

– Was it easy to communicate? Do people speak English?

It was very easy, most people speak English, are friendly and helpful.

The charming Vondel hotel

Did you like your hotel? Would you recommend it?

I stayed at the Vondel Hotel and really liked it, especially the location. It is located on a super quiet street, very close to Vondelpark, Leidsplein – where several bars, restaurants, concert halls and coffee shops are located, Hoftstratt – a street with several designer stores and Museumplein – the square where the Rijksmuseum and Van Goghmuseum (which was closed for renovations). The breakfast is delicious and so is the hotel restaurant. The staff were super friendly and helpful. The rooms are small, at least the Standard one, which is the one I stayed in. I highly recommend it!

The beautiful architecture of Amsterdam

Typical Dutch clogs at Mercando Flutante das Flores

Did you shop?

No, Amsterdam was the last destination on my trip, but it has all the great brands that it has in other places. I found a fair very interesting, the Albert Cuypstraat, which takes place from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and has everything, everything! The stores on this street place their “stalls” on the street and it is very busy, worth a visit.

One of the city's numerous coffee shops

What can't you miss doing in the city?

Stroll through the canals

Rent a bike

Stroll through Vondelpark

Going to the Anne Frank Huis museum – an incredible experience

Enter a coffee shop

Discover the floating flower market

Having a beer in one of the bars on Leidsplein is very touristy, but it's worth seeing the movement and performance of the street artists.

Strolling around Museumplein, this square in itself is beautiful, and visiting the museums.

Ir no Red light district

The interesting Floating Flower Market

Hot dog cart at the famous VondelPark

– Did you think it was a good time of year? How was the weather?

I went in mid-October, autumn there, a little cold, but I thought it was good.

The Brouwerijt brewery, one of the city's highlights

Any relevant tips for those who plan to go?

Don't miss the Browerij ‘t IJ brewery located at Funenkad 7. They make their own craft beer and most of it is sold right there in their pub, next to a windmill! The place is a little out of the way, so it's mostly frequented by locals, which I thought was great. Genuinely local, artisanal and delicious beer! You can take a tour of the brewery.