Step by step how to measure a dog


Do you want to give your furry friend a gift and don’t know the exact measurements of his body? No need to worry: we will teach you step by step how to measure a dog in a simple and practical way.

Before doing so, be aware that this task can be quite a challenge, as these little animals can become agitated and make the process difficult. Therefore, If you can do this task with two people, even better!

Let’s go to the tips? 📏🐶

Why know the dog’s measurements?

Having the doggo’s complete measurements allows you to choose clothes and accessories adjusted to the animal’s body. This makes him feel more comfortable when usingwithout the risk of getting hurt with very tight and tight materials.

With the right measures, trips and games will be more fun and safe.

What to have on hand?

Before starting the task force, you need to have the necessary materials to correctly measure your buddy. Therefore, provide:

  • 1 measuring tape/ measuring tape/ string
  • pencil or pen
  • snacks

Ideally, you should measure with a tape measure, but if you don’t have one, you can use a measuring tape or string, using a pen or pencil to make marks on the wall.

Os Snacks are essential in this process, which can be quite uncomfortable and stressful for your furry friend. For each task completed, give a treat as a reward for good behavior. This will make him understand that he needs to be quiet to have the gift.

How to measure a dog?

See how to measure each region of your pet’s body. Meter in hand? So get ready to start!

How to measure your neck

Pass the meter around the pet’s neck and remember to leave a little space left, so that the material does not suffocate the animal so much.

How to measure chest or chest

Measuring your pet’s chest is very simple. Place the dog in a standing position, position the meter at the highest point of the chest and make a circle around the area.

How to measure length

To measure the animal’s length, position the tape or measuring tape at the beginning of the pet’s shoulder and take it to the limit of the beginning of the tail. It is important that he is standing, leaning against the wall.

How to measure height

With the help of your partner, stand the dog up against the wall. Make a line at the highest height of the animal’s shoulder. Then, simply measure from the indicated point to the floor.

Illustration of which parts of the pet's body need to be measured.
Illustration of which parts of the pet’s body need to be measured.

What to measure to buy a dog collar

With different sizes of dog collars, what measurements are needed to make the right choice?

Naturally, you will need the neck circumference measurement, since it is through this region that the dog is guided on walks. In addition pet chest measurement It is essential to give your pet more comfort during fun.

Illustrative image of dog collarsIllustrative image of dog collars
Dog collars illustration button

What to measure to buy dog ​​clothes

Is there anything cuter than puppies in clothes? So that the style combines with comfort, choosing the ideal clothing depends on the correct measurements of the dog, avoiding discomfort for the pet when walking.

Not time to buy, have all possible measures at hand. This includes neck, chest, length and height.

Illustrative image of dog clothesIllustrative image of dog clothes
Dog clothes illustration button

What to measure to buy a dog bed

The ideal is to have all the measurements of your pet’s body to choose the bed that is most comfortable for your furry friend. However, know that the most valuable data in this case is the dog length.

Choose a bed model that is slightly larger than the size, considering your pet’s comfort when sleeping.

Illustrative image of a dog bedIllustrative image of a dog bed
Button illustrating a dog bed

What to measure to buy a dog transport crate

For the transport box, take into account that your furry friend will be inside it for a long time. Therefore, gather the measurements of the dog’s length and height.

Illustrative image of a dog transport crateIllustrative image of a dog transport crate
Button illustrating a dog carrier

Tips for not making mistakes

Here are some tips to further optimize the process of measuring your dog and knowing the animal’s exact measurements.

Leave some space

Avoid choosing the model with the exact measurement. It is preferable to leave a little space, thinking about giving more comfort and mobility to the pet, who may feel uncomfortable with accessories that are too tight.

Check the material

Before purchasing clothes, collars or any other item that will come into contact with the animal’s skin, check whether it is covered with comfortable materials. Some can scratch or cause allergies in your pet..

Opt for the larger model

If the measurements fall between two sizes, always opt for the larger one, as many models of clothes and collars are already made in wider proportions.

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