Como acalmar o cachorro com medo de fogos de artifício?

How to calm a dog afraid of fireworks?


A tradition at the end of the year, setting off fireworks can be a way to celebrate the arrival of a new moment. For puppies, this practice can be disturbing and extremely traumatic, and can cause various health problems.

But, after all, do you know how to calm a dog afraid of fireworks? There are some practices that can help make this moment more pleasant for pets.

In the post, learn about the origin of dogs’ sensitivity at this moment and some tips on how to alleviate the situation.

Why do dogs suffer from the noise of fireworks?

You may have already wondered why dogs are afraid of fireworks. The answer lies in the hearing of these animals, which is four times larger than that of humans.

This means that the sounds and noises are much more intense for these animals, who are always “earing up” to everything around them.

Animals feel uncomfortable by the volume and also by the origin of the noise, as they cannot identify where the sound is coming from, which puts them in a state of alert.

During the fireworks display, it is common for many dogs to feel fear, anger, disorientation and severe stress. In very serious cases, more serious problems may develop, such as:

  • Ruptured eardrums
  • Run overs (for puppies that run away afraid of noise)
  • Seizures
  • Cuts and bruises (in the case of disoriented pets that end up hurting themselves)

Tips on how to protect your dog from fireworks

Take care of your friend and know exactly what to do to make him feel less scared. Check out some tips!

Muffle external sound

Due to the hearing sensitivity that these pets have, the quieter the sound, the less impact it will have on them. That’s why, close doors, windows, gates and any other space where sound can enter.

You can take the opportunity to play calmer music in the background to try to stop or reduce the volume of fireworks.

Prepare a safety corner

Choose a corner in the house that can serve as a safe haven for your pet during fireworks. This will reassure you! In this environment, provide a bed, blankets and toys, as well as a feeder and water fountain.

The purpose of the safety corner is for the pet to understand that that place is safe and that it will be protected from any danger.

Create distractions

How about using fireworks time to distract your pet and take his attention away from the moment? Use this time to turn on calming music, play with your pet or even give some snacks during the moment.

Use ear protectors

Investing in ear protectors for your pet is a great idea to reduce damage from fireworks. Generally, the models are made of fabric, used to cover the entire ear and neck region, muffling the impact of sound and giving the furry friend more peace of mind.

As a last resort, you can improvise ear protection with a piece of cotton in the area. Just be careful that the piece isn’t so small that it gets stuck inside the dog’s ear.

Offer lap

Many dogs feel fear, despair and confusion at the time of the fireworks display. To alleviate these sensations, you can stay by your pet’s side throughout the process, embracing their fears and being their safe haven.

The presence of guardians in moments like this brings more confidence and tranquility to the furry friend, reducing the harmful effects of noise.

Block all exits from the house

One of the most common causes of dog being run over at the end of the year is caused by small animals that, disoriented and frightened by the noise, end up fleeing desperately to the streets.

For this reason, block all exits from the house and keep an eye on any momentary disappearance of your pet.

Avoid leaving it tied up

Leaving your pet tied up may prevent it from running away, but it can make it even more desperate and stressed. Without having anything to do and nowhere to go, the puppy can suffer a lot.

Photo of a sad dog tied on a leash
The ideal is not to leave the pet tied up, but to reserve a safe space for the dog.

Gradually get your pet used to the noise

You can train your pet so that it gradually gets used to this type of noise. Use a recording of the fear-inducing noise to perform “desensitization.”

With the dog very calm, play some fireworks at a very low volume, pet him and play with him normally.

Over time, increase the volume and show that the noise does not pose a danger. If he gets scared, turn the volume down again and start again.

Use the technique Tellington Touch

The technique, which works like therapy, consists of applying a bandage to some points on your dog’s body to make him feel safe. For this solution, you can use a bandage, bandage or cloth.

It’s very simple and doesn’t require much effort. See how to do it:

Try to calm him down before the fireworks display

If you want to know how to calm a dog who is afraid of fireworks, do things that generally de-stress and make the pet happy before the fireworks go off. It can be games or trips, what matters is the fun.

This can help to reassure you and make the situation more pleasant and less traumatic for the pet.

Do not medicate your pet yourself

Never give your pet medicine without a prescription from a trusted veterinarian, even natural tranquilizers that promise to be harmless.

Wrong or excessive medications can lead to serious health problems for the everyone has a different organism and can react differently to the effects of medications.

Knowing your puppy in depth can help you know how to keep him calm and happy, after all, each breed has different behaviors and needs, and the care for one will be different for others.

But what they all have in common is their passion for toys. Click on the banner below and choose the perfect item to entertain your furry friend and to reassure him in moments of crisis, such as during fireworks. He will love the surprise! ❤️