O melhor hotel de Dubai

One & Only Royal Mirage | The best hotel in Dubai


One&Only Royal Mirage is a five star hotel in Dubai, very well located. In fact, I would say it is the best hotel in Dubai. It is divided into three different hotels: The Palace, Arabian Court and Residence & Spa. There is also the One&Only The Palm, located on the island of Palm Jumeirah, in front of the other three.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Amazing view also at night

They have excellent restaurants, a kilometer of private beach, a wonderful spa and a first-class service worthy of the One&Only brand that has only nine hotels around the world. My stay at the Royal Mirage was sensational, as you can read next.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Private beach
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Enchanted with One & Only

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The best hotel in Dubai

After an exceptional flight in Emirates’ A380 business class from Bangkok, I arrived in Dubai, looking forward to staying right away at the famous One&Only Royal Mirage, which I already knew from photos and videos.

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O melhor hotel de Dubai
In the Emirates A380 business class
O melhor hotel de Dubai
The gardens are amazing

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Nothing I had in my fertile imagination disappointed me. On the contrary, it surprised me: for good taste, service, food and greatness. It can only be the best hotel in Dubai.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
One & only Royal Mirage

One&Only Royal Mirage features 65 acres of lush gardens. A really dazzling look that doesn’t make us want to leave him. Breaking, the view of The Palm Island Bay, the most real artificial island you’ve ever seen. It is one of those places that you have to go calm and take a couple of days to just enjoy the hotel, from so many activities that it offers.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
The beautiful gardens
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Sun loungers to relax
O melhor hotel de Dubai
How about resting on the beach?

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The entrance to The Palace, where I stayed, immediately catches the eye with its imposing golden camels that contrast with the skies the skies of Dubai just behind them. Impactful both day and night.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
A stateless One&Only hotel, Dubai’s best hotel
O melhor hotel de Dubai
The contrast with the skylines

The Lobby

When we enter, we have the feeling that we have arrived in a palace, for its greatness and sophistication. The right foot is high and palm trees and plants help to give a freshness to the environment. The floor is all in marble, the flower arrangements are beautiful and there are several types of tiles, which bring a certain joy to the hall. Sculptures and frames notably hand-chosen. All the details come into harmony and do not let us forget for a second that we arrived in the United Arab Emirates. It is very spacious, with several environments and although large, it is a very nice place, which leaves us wanting to sit a little, listen to a song or have a drink.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
A very spacious area
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Lobby with high right foot

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The best hotel in Dubai has 231 rooms, divided into five categories, all of which are with contemporary decor with an Arabic flair. I stayed at the Superior Gold Club Suite, which gives us the right to access the lounge, where we can have a more exclusive breakfast, in addition to check in and check out faster. We also have direct access to the guest team, which makes the guest life very easy.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
A very spacious Suite
O melhor hotel de Dubai
The living room of my suite

Rates at the Palace Superior Deluxe Room King, start at $283, in low season (April, May) and $301, high (June, July).

The decoration

The decor is very elegant, with a mixture of colors in the right measure. I loved the turquoise tone of the quilt and pillows. The 100m2 space of the suite is great and well designed. It splits into a living room, dining room with a sofa and a dining table for four people, and a bedroom properly with a king size bed. Attention to the bedside lined with brocade fabric and led indirect lighting to give the effect of the far-fetched texture. Pure glamour!

O melhor hotel de Dubai
I loved the decoration of my room!
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Table with treats in the room

The room also has a very comfortable armchair, work desk, alarm clock on the tables, that is, everything that the most demanding travelers expect.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Very large room with everything we need
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Space with armchair and tables

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The balcony, very charming, has views of the sea and the golf courses. All very good taste and full of details: the lamps, the vases, the mirrors with appliques and the flower arrangements. A touch of exoticism in the right measure. It does not cause us strangeness and instigates us, exactly as it should be. What I expected from the best hotel in Dubai.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
My view

The bathroom is beautiful, all in marble, with two sinks, slightly colored tiles and adornments in the mirror, with right up to LCD TV. A luxury! Amenities in great size and excellent quality, from the Italian brand Ortigia. Detail for the elegant decorative panty with sprang fabric hanging on the towel. The blindex in sandblasted glass has baseboard drawn in contrast to the transparent glass. I thought it was pretty fancy!

O melhor hotel de Dubai
The Chiriper bathroom!
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Details of the bathroom

The room also has a coffee maker, which makes all that difference when waking up to coffee lovers, like me. And the best: absolute silence for 24 hours and a black out that does not let us know the time when we wake up. My number! My number! It should be noted that we are talking about the best hotel in Dubai.

The restaurants

As usual, it happens in all the hotels of the brand One&Only – I’ve already stayed at One&Only Palmilla and One&Only Bahamas and fell in love with both – the gastronomy is taken seriously. There are eight different restaurants, local and international cuisine, as well as several bars, which you can frequent at any time of the day, either for a cafe or a drink. Gastronomy of high standard. Everything I tried was wonderful.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Jetty bar, one of the eight options

Jetty Lounge

The Jetty Lounge has an indoor and outdoor area, in front of the beach. The atmosphere is modern, lively and with good music, ideal for having a drink before or after dinner. That's exactly what I did.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
facing the beach
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Draches at Jetty Bar, me and Cláudia, Traveler Apprentice


The Tagine Moroccan Style Restaurant, which opens only for dinner, offers the best of Moroccan cuisine and has an environment that transports us straight to a traditional house of Marrakesh. Full and authentic food, served in the same way as Morocco.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Moroccan Tagine Moroccan Restaurant


On the other hand, the Eauzone is in front of the beach, in a relaxed and elegant environment, with beautiful views to the sea. There are tables inside the lounge and outdoors, very nice. The kitchen is international with Asian touch. Seafood, salads, varied dishes, delicious and with beautiful presentation.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Restaurant facing the pool

STAY by Yannick Alléno

I also had the chance to dine at STAY by Yannick Alléno, a very sophisticated French restaurant, where I opted for the truffle menu. Needless to say, it was unforgettable. It is located in The Palm, which has only private boat access from the hotel. The ten minutes go super fast as we dazzle by the city skyline at night and stop taking photos and videos.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Environment of the restaurant
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Menu of impeccable truffles!
O melhor hotel de Dubai
The Incredible Skyscrapers of Dubai

Before dinner, it is worth spending at the 101 Dining Lounge and Marina, which also offers a breathtaking look, besides being very elegant. Worth the best hotel in Dubai.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Amazing look

The Breakfast

Speaking of unforgettable, I can not fail to mention breakfast at Celebrities, one of the best I have ever tasted in five star hotels. Beautifully assembled tables and everything you can imagine: eggs of all kinds, fruits thousand, breads, cakes, artisanal honey, variety of jams, a lot! All this facing the pools and the beautiful gardens of the Royal Mirage. So good, I didn’t have the courage to try the coffee offered in the other restaurants.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Celebrities Environment
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Variety of fruits, breads, jellies
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Delicious breakfast at Celebrities
O melhor hotel de Dubai
Look, it cutes the honey station!

The Spa

Residence and Spa, the Leading Hotels of the World brand hotel is the boutique hotel within the One&Only Dubai complex. The spa is a separate chapter. Huge, with an elegant and quiet environment, ideal to relax after days of intense tourism or work. Highlight for the Turkish bath, specialty of the house. It is that treatment in which you go through several stages, always with water and with the masseuse literally “you give a bath”. Refreshing and calming at the same time.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Residence & Spa

In addition, the spa has twelve private suites, offering a series of holistic, rejuvenating and relaxing treatments, body and facials. Only in the best hotel in Dubai.

You can see more details of the hotel in our video in partnership with Talk Travel.

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Guest Relations and Concierge

One of the differentials of staying is a five star hotel is the service, as we know. At One&Only Royal Mirage, the best hotel in Dubai, this is clear from the moment we set foot in the airport of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. First because the hotel offers transfer, which greatly facilitates the guest's life. If you are in Emirates business class, transportation is free. Otherwise, it is paid separately, but always more comfortable and safe, especially when you arrive from such a long flight.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
I loved to know Dubai!

The cars accommodate up to three adults or two adults and two children up to 12 years old. Larger vehicles can be provided for up to five guests if requested. When we arrive at the hotel, we are greeted with all pomp. All staff is always very attentive and about to help in the smallest details. It happened an unforeseen with me on arrival, which I only understood hours later. With the tired flight, I took the wrong suitcase on the treadmill and only went to see this hours later at the hotel, since I arrived and went straight to sleep.

The guest relations was simply perfect! He took care of everything for me – that I was panicking, naturally. Not only did you locate my suitcase, but you made sure to accompany me to the airport for me to make the exchange. An impeccable service of remarkable kindness and sensitivity. Worth the best hotel in Dubai.

O melhor hotel de Dubai
Very well received at One&Only, the best hotel in Dubai

One &ly Resorts

Luxury resorts have always been located in the most paradisiacal places in the world. Constantly awarded, the five-star hotels offer guests, personality and distinctive style, always with a touch of local culture, authentic hospitality and unparalleled energy. One&Only recently announced plans to open three more New One&Only Resorts in Sanya, Hainan, China; in Montenegro, which will be the first in Europe, and in Bahrain, the Middle East. I can’t wait to get to know each one of them, especially after I’ve been enchanted by One&Only Royal Mirage, the best hotel in Dubai. More information about One&Only Resorts is available on the official website.

by Renata Araújo

Photos: Renata Araújo, Gabriel Dias and Disclosure

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