new restaurant by award-winning chef Renzo Garibaldi, in Pinheiros

New restaurant by award-winning chef Renzo Garibaldi, in Pinheiros

South America

São Paulo is always renewing itself in gastronomy, and on this, my last visit, I took the opportunity to visit Incêndio, the newest restaurant by award-winning chef Renzo Garibaldi. Located in Pinheiros, it opened recently and is the most casual and accessible place for the Peruvian chef, an international reference in meat. dry aged and preparations with fire. In SP, this is the chef's third place, who also runs Cór e o Osso. Meanwhile, in Lima, Osso is ranked 39th on the list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. The relaxed atmosphere and exquisite cuisine make Incêndio an unmissable restaurant in Pinheiros!

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New restaurant from award-winning chef Renzo Garibaldi

The elegant architectural design has an industrial style, and is reminiscent of New York fire brigade headquarters. After all, the chef is reputed to have set fire to several kitchens he visited (literally and figuratively). Therefore, it was from this reputation that the name of the restaurant was born. At the back of the room, we can see the kitchen and a showcase where some pieces of meat, which are the star of the house, are displayed.

The first part of the menu says that “where there is smoke, there is fire”. Or Fire. From Monday to Friday, from 12pm to 3:30pm, the lunch menu includes starter, main and dessert for prices between R$49 and R$140. Therefore, among the dishes there are options such as dry-aged (dry-aged meat for long periods) with biro-biro rice and house-made farofa and pork with mashed potatoes and carreteiro rice. Specialties such as, for example, chicken, chorizo, ancho and bonbon de mignon – in half or whole versions – can come with classic accompaniments.

In addition, there are also lighter suggestions, such as grilled fish with moqueca rice and banana farofa, and the mushroom and cheese omelette with quinoa salad.

“How can I put out your fire?”

This is what the second part of the menu says, with suggestions ranging from happy hour at dinner. In the “to share” section there are snacks, such as croquetas, tacos, nuggets and pastries. There is also a section dedicated to sandwiches, such as the traditional choripán and hamburgers.

The Cabaña dish comes with a succulent whole Chorizo ​​steak, biro-biro rice, house-made farofa and all-you-can-eat fries, but there are also other cuts such as, for example, the Rib roasted for 12 hours with white rice, farofa and vinaigrette. In fact, vegetarians also have a place at award-winning chef Renzo's restaurant, with options that go beyond salads, such as burnt vegetable rice and pumpkin gnocchi with house-made smoked ricotta.

Rib roast for 12 hours

On the second floor, there is also a bar where classic drinks are served, and where it is possible to extend dinner a little longer, for those who prefer.

Indeed, a restaurant that deserves your visit! So, take note of this super news in Pinheiros.

End: Rua dos Pinheiros 808 – Pinheiros

By Renata Araújo.

Photos: Neuton Araújo and Renata Araújo