Where to eat oysters in Rio and São Paulo

Where to eat oysters in Rio and São Paulo

South America

Oysters are seafood with a unique flavor and very versatile. Raw, steamed, fried, breaded and even grilled, they are a delicious food rich in proteins and other nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals. Plus, it's low in calories! However, it is not so easy to know where to eat quality oysters, especially if they are raw. Therefore, find out below where to eat oysters in Rio and São Paulo!

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Where to eat oysters in Rio

Santiago Winery

On the second floor of the Village Mall, the Iberian cuisine restaurant launched the sea counter this year. Displayed right at the entrance, that is, being highlighted, it shows the best of the salt waters that the house has to offer, such as, for example, scallops, fresh fish, shrimp, shellfish and many oysters. The restaurant offers a rarer species, from Rio Grande do Norte (R$ 52 – 6 units). They have an almost sweet flavor, are less acidic, very meaty, and come from the mangroves of the northeastern state. In addition, it also offers oysters from Santa Catarina (R$ 50 – 6 units) and the Mix of oysters from Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Norte (R$ 52 – 6 units).

Oysters winery Santiago
Oysters from Adega Santiago

End: Av. das Américas, 3900 – 2nd floor – Barra da Tijuca – Tel: 21. 3900 1605

Two Brides

The kiosk in Ipanema, facing Morro Dois Irmãos, is certainly the ideal place for those who want to enjoy one of Rio's best-known postcards, as well as eating well at the same time. The menu features lots of seafood, such as fresh oysters, perfect for sharing with friends on the beach. (R$ 26 – 2 units/ R$ 78 – 6 units/ R$ 154 – 12 units).

ostras de la mare

Bar and Sea Days

The beach-friendly restaurant in Leblon has four oyster options on the menu. The classics (R$8), served with lemon; at Ponzu (R$ 9), with vinegar, soy sauce, lemon, orange and olive oil; Pico de Gallo (R$9), with tomato and red onion vinaigrette, sriracha, and cilantro; and fries (R$9), with lemon supreme and white aioli. Furthermore, on Thursdays, classic oysters, which arrive fresh that day, cost R$5 per unit.

oysters days bar and sea
Dias Bar and Sea Oysters

End: Rua Dias Ferreira, nº 410 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro


Chef Heaven's restaurant offers “I dream about Oysters” every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The plateau comes with six or twelve fresh oysters from Angra, finished with citrus sorbet, mix of supremes, black olive oil and organic sprouts (R$82 – 6und and R$158 – 12und).

“I dream about oysters”

End: Village MallAv. das Américas, 3,900 | Floor L3 – Barra da Tijuca


In Jardim Botânico, the seafood restaurant is located in a two-story house, and is certainly a great option for those who enjoy the delicacies. Oysters arrive fresh (R$11- un) or in the Rockefeller version (R$14- un).

scale oysters
Scale Oysters

End: Rua Visconde de Carandaí, 5 – Jardim Botânico – Tel: (21) 99753-6126

Iron and Flour

New Yorker Sei Shiroma's pizzeria and bar's star feature, in addition to the pizzas, is the use of a wood-fired oven to prepare all the recipes. Therefore, with oysters it could not be different. In the “Wood-fired Specials” section, customers can find Santa Catarina Oysters, grilled over wood, half-cured mozzarella and chive vinaigrette. (R$ 28 – 3 units/ R$ 52 – 6 units).


End: Botafogo – Rua Arnaldo Quintela, nº 23/ Leblon – Rua Dias Ferreira, nº 48/Ipanema – Rua Maria Quitéria, nº 107


The contemporary Japanese cuisine restaurant has branches in Ipanema, São Conrado and Barra da Tijuca. In the first two, it offers on its menu happy hour oysters with special prices (2 for R$19, 6 for R$47 and 12 units for R$89). In Ipanema, on Tuesdays, and at the Fashion Mall, on Saturdays and Sundays, always from 4pm. Therefore, a great option for those who want to eat very fresh oysters accompanied by a drink or sparkling wine.

ostras gurume
Oysters from Happy Hour Gurumê

End: Ipanema – Rua Aníbal de Mendonça, 132 – Tel: (21) 3030-8235. São Conrado – Estrada da Gávea, 889 – Fashion Mall – Tel: (21) 3030-8233.


At Village Mall, the award-winning Japanese cuisine restaurant, run by itamae Raul Ono, offers Fresh Oysters (R$ 55 – 6 units), served with fleur de sel and ponzu sauce.

Fresh oysters at Naga

End: Village Mall – Avenida das Américas, 3900 – store 302 – Barra da Tijuca


The gastrobar in Ipanema offers on its menu a portion of four oysters with spicy mango sorbet, lemon foam, quinoa popcorn and coriander sprouts (R$48), created by chef Bruno Katz.

our oysters
Oysters from Ours

End: Rua Maria Quitéria, 91 – Ipanema


In Copacabana, the gastrobar has a menu full of seafood, such as, for example, fresh oysters from Santa Catarina, the restaurant's flagship. Among the options are oysters with Tahiti Lemon (R$ 16 – 2 units; R$ 42 – 6 units; R$ 62 – 12 units), with red onion and pepper, Basil Pesto with cashew nuts, Gratin with parmesan cheese and Crispy with tonkatsu (R$ 22 – 2 units; R$ 50 – 6 units; R$ 70 – 12 units). In addition, it is also possible to order the Oyster Mix, where diners choose two flavors of their favorite options (R$ 90 – 12 units).

Oyster mix Other

Address: Rua Belfort Roxo, 58, Loja C, Copacabana – Tel: 99636-0514 / 21353146

Peixoto Sushi

Very fresh oysters arrive every day at Peixoto Sushi, in Leblon. Therefore, at the restaurant, the suggestion is live oysters with chef's sauce and finished with massago roe (R$45- 6 units / R$30- 3 units).

Fish oysters sushi
Oysters Peixoto Sushi

End: Rua Conde de Bernadotte, 26 – Tel: (21) 99839-3895

fishing boat

This kiosk at Praia da Reserva, in Barra, serves two options of oyster dishes, in addition to fresh oysters (R$75 – 6 units). Among the main dishes are Pérola do Mar (R$350), a mix of seafood and fish, accompanied by lemon bread, parmesan grissini and focaccia toast, and Sinfonia do Mar (R$220), combined with ceviche , tartar, scallops and oysters, accompanied by lemon bread, parmesan grissini and focaccia toast.)

Fishing dishes
Pearl of the Sea and Symphony of the Sea

Av. Lúcio Costa, s/n – Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 22795-010


Rudä, with Brazilian food and contemporary influences, is located in Ipanema and its menu is made up of affectionate recipes. Among the starter options, for example, is the Oyster Trio (R$42), accompanied by cashew vinaigrette and green apple pickles.

End: Rua Garcia d'Ávila, 118, Ipanema – Tel: (21) 98385-7051


At the Mediterranean restaurant Satyricon, in Ipanema, the suggestions are Oysters with clarified soy sauce and lemon zest (R$R$68 – six units) and Fresh Oysters with lemon (R$63 – six units).

ostras satyricon
Ostras Satyricon

End: Rua Barão da Torre, 192 – Ipanema – Tel: 25210627

Queen Tavern

Chef Pedro de Artagão's most recent restaurant, in Leblon, offers fresh oysters (R$9- each) on the menu, among the daily suggestions. With Iberian cuisine, that is, a mix of Portuguese and Spanish, it has great seafood options!

Queen Tavern
Oysters from Taberna Rainha

End: Rua Dias Ferreira, 233 – Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, RJ

The View Bar

An ideal place for romantic meetings, as it combines good drinks and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, the house offers Fresh Oysters (R$12 – per unit), coming daily from the oyster farms in Cabo Frio (subject to seasonality). Furthermore, among the main dishes, there is also a fabulous Oyster Risotto and Guadalupe melon pearls (R$124).

the view bar
Ostras do The View Bar

End: Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. Avenida Niemeyer, 769 – 30th floor, São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro


Offering contemporary signature cuisine, under the command of chef Rafa Gomes, the menu includes fresh oysters served with vierges sauce (R$ 56 – 6 units | R$ 104 – 12 units).

tiara restaurant
Renata Araaújo no Tiara

Rua Ataulfo ​​de Paiva, 270 – store 111, Rio Design Leblon – Tel: 21 3547-1001

Tragga Del Mar

The restaurant, inspired by Uruguayan cuisine, offers grills from the Tragga group, but with a focus on grilled fish and seafood. On the menu, we find oysters accompanied by Ponzu sauce (R$13- unit).

Tragga del Mar
Ostras do Tragga

Vogue Square Shopping – Av. das Américas, 8585, Barra da Tijuca – Tel: 97999-3756

Where to eat oysters in São Paulo


The restaurant located in Itaim once belonged to the iconic Cacilda Becker, and today its kitchen is led by chef Luiza Hoffman. With modern but affectionate cuisine, Atto's newest addition is the oyster and scallop bar, a new monthly tradition. The restaurant now serves the delicacies one Saturday a month. Wild-type and native to the Brazilian coast, oysters are served fresh with lemon and other sauces, such as mignonette and fruit vinaigrette. Therefore, it's worth getting organized to enjoy the oyster bar!

ostras act
Atto Tradition

Rua Pais de Araújo, 138 Itaim Bibi – Tel: (11) 3078-0203


The contemporary Japanese restaurant has five oyster options on its menu (R$13 – each), fresh, grilled, steamed, among others. Furthermore, each of them comes with different accompaniments. Certainly, a great option to try these delicacies!

oysters amakay
Variety of Imakay oysters

End: Rua Urussuí, 330, Itaim Bibi – Tel.: 11 3078-7786

Masses of San Sushi

Located in Itaim, Massae San innovates in Japanese cuisine, valuing delicacies and the seasonality of products. A highlight, for example, is the tuna sushi with oyster, shiso leaf and olive oil (R$50 – unit). Certainly a different gastronomic experience!

San sushi rolls
Oyster sushi with tuna

End: Rua Leopoldo Couto Magalhães Jr, 275, Itaim Bibi

Bar 474

The Portuguese cuisine gastrobar features a lot of seafood on the menu, as well as land. Among them, fresh oysters (R$47- 6 units).

oysters tavern 474
Fresh oysters Taberna 474

End: Rua Maria Carolina 474, Jd. Paulistano – Tel: (11) 3062-7098

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