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Hairstyle trends for brides’ month


Hairdresser and expert André Alves from Belle Lee Cosméticos advises on hairstyle trends that will be a hit at the altars and at Expo Noivas 2014.

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As important as the dress, the hairstyle also highlights the bride’s personality at her wedding. The hairstyle must “match” the dress and the shape of the bride’s face. This is why pre-wedding tests are so important and avoid surprises on the big day.

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Bridal month

According to André Alves, hairdresser and expert at Belle Lee Cosméticos, the trends in hairstyles for Expo Noivas and in the country’s main salons are more glamorous with voluminous buns, superstructure braids and very high topknots and half-up hairstyles. “Brides are more modern and want to be bold and step out of their basic style,” he says.

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Hairstyle trends for brides' month

Accessories complete the hairstyles, making them even more beautiful. “Topknots combined with buns finished off with sophisticated accessories such as silver brooches, form a classic and elegant style”, he adds.

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hairstyles for brides

The bride needs to be safe during her wedding. Hairstyles must be long-lasting and firm to withstand the entire ceremony without falling apart. It is essential to use a good mousse and long-lasting fixative, to model and guarantee long hours of a perfect hairstyle. “I recommend NPPE’s Sparkling Hair Mousse and Hair Spray Bergamot Finishing, it’s perfect for perfectly holding strands and controlling frizz. Invisible bobby pins also help keep hairstyles tight and tight, making them discreet,” she points out.

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Those who are getting married during the day in a simple party with a more relaxed style can opt for a more natural hairstyle: half up, loose with waves or tied on the side like a Greek braid. “Now for evening brides, I recommend a more sophisticated and social hairstyle, depending on the wedding”, he concludes.

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hairstyle for bride

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Sparkling Hair Mousse

To shape locks and create beautiful hairstyles, NPPE’s Sparkling Hair Mousse helps in modeling all types of hairstyles, from short to long, curly or straight. Offers hair much more shine and vitality. Provides high fixation, leaving hair more beautiful and healthier. It has a special formula that reduces damage caused by heat.

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Sparkling Hair Mousse

Hair Spray Bergamot Finishing

NPPE’s Bergamot Finishing Spray has an extra strong fixation factor, and should be used after finishing the hairstyle, providing high fixation and duration. It has already been used to create hairstyles at São Paulo Fashion Week 2014 and also in photo shoots for Elle Magazine.

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Hair Spray Bergamot Finishing


The NPPE Hair Care brand was created in 1996 and uses natural products in its lines with nutritional properties that are easily absorbed by the hair. The effective treatment result is attributed to the combination of ancient herbs and high-end cosmetic technology.

The acronym NPP E comes from Nature, Protein, Plant, Extract, which means hydrolyzed proteins from plant extracts and currently its lines are named Clássica and Shining CAA

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