Novembro Azul: o mês internacional de combate ao câncer de próstata

international month to combat prostate cancer

Home » Health » Blue November: the international month to combat prostate cancer Blue November is the month to combat prostate cancer, a disease that claims around 15 thousand victims per year. What do you know about Blue November? The international movement emerged in a way that could alert the population about an important issue: […]

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Sparkling Hair Mousse

Hairstyle trends for brides’ month

Hairdresser and expert André Alves from Belle Lee Cosméticos advises on hairstyle trends that will be a hit at the altars and at Expo Noivas 2014. See too: Hairstyles for brides As important as the dress, the hairstyle also highlights the bride’s personality at her wedding. The hairstyle must “match” the dress and the shape […]

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