Deliveries imperdíveis em São Paulo

9 unmissable deliveries in São Paulo

South America

We have already said several times that delivery services are on the rise. After all, restaurants are unable to serve in person. So, we couldn't help but list unmissable deliveries in São Paulo. To this end, we invite digital influencer Helena Silvarolli. A native of São Paulo and a food lover, she is one of the people who is always making orders.

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9 unmissable deliveries in São Paulo

Beautiful Sintra

The restaurant is a classic of Portuguese cuisine and belongs to the same owners of the old Antiquárius. We've been there a few times and the food really pleases us. In fact, not only us, but also Helena Silvarolli. “Best minced meat in São Paulo! I also highlight the starters, including the mountain cheese, croquette and shrimp risoles, for example.”, she says. influencer. It's certainly worth ordering at home.

Orders can be made via iFood.

Beautiful Sintra
Croquettes from A Bela Sintra

Santiago Winery

The Spanish restaurant with a Portuguese influence is making deliveries while maintaining the quality of the dishes. In other words, of course Helena recommends delivery. “Adega Santiago is an Iberian restaurant that I personally love! I usually order on weekends. O Gnocchi sweet potato with cheese sauce is surreally good. I also really like ordering the pastry and, for dessert, the mini churros.”, she says.

Delivery is done by the restaurant itself.

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Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo
Mini churros, indeed, tasty

Aragon – Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo

“The Iberian restaurant is delicious and has a special care in preparing the food. On the menu, the duck rice and seafood rice are my favorites. However, for dessert, the churros are essential!” says Helena. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that it has exclusive news for delivery.

You can order through the restaurant's own app.

Aragon duck rice


Gero is more than traditional. So much so that Helena loved going there with her parents since she was little, but now it's one of the unmissable deliveries in São Paulo. “I like to order their polenta on a colder day. The Risotto Coe Secoe, for example, is my favorite on the menu, as a main dish. Also, for dessert, the Mil Folhas with strawberries is delicious.”

Delivery is available on the Fasano app.

Gero Pannini

Recently opened in Rio, Gero Pannini is a very famous restaurant in São Paulo. And, of course, he's making deliveries. “I loved going there on weekends. The menu is small, but super tasty. I always order the mini burgers with rustic potatoes or the penne Alla Vodka.”, says the influencer.

Orders through iFood.

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Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo
Mini burgers with potatoes

Makoto – Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo

Makoto is a Japanese cuisine restaurant that we love and, in fact, it is based in Miami, in Bal Harbor. However, the São Paulo house is also spectacular even for delivery, according to Helena. “What I like most about it is the diverse menu. I'm not much of a raw person, so I always order the corn Robata, the Makoto Salad, the Cauliflower and the Dynamite roll. But, it also has excellent raw dishes for those who like it.”

Delivery is done through Rappi and the CJ Foods app.

Makoto salad

Nino Kitchen

In the Jardins neighborhood, the Italian restaurant is really delicious. Even the delivery packaging there is exquisite. “I think Nino Cucina is very tasty and the menu is super complete. One of my favorite dishes to order is Cacio e Pepe or Cavatelli with octopus”, says Helena.

Delivery is available on Rappi.

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Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo
Cheese and black pepper

Small restaurant

With an Italian menu created by chef Henrique Schoendorfer, Ristorantino could not be left out of this list of unmissable deliveries in São Paulo. “He is delicious. Not only for the delicious food, but also for the surprising delivery. I always order with family. My tip is the classic gluten-free Ristorantino Lasagna or Risotto with squid.”, says the influencer.

Orders can be made via iFood or WhatsApp from the restaurant itself.

Small restaurant
Classic Lasagna

Rodeo – Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo

For steakhouse lovers, Rodeio is a must! Mainly, to satisfy the longing for a good cut of meat. “Without a doubt, it’s my favorite steakhouse. I always ask for covered complete, which comes with mixed pastry, croquette and cheese bread. For the main course, the sliced ​​Picanha, with biro biro rice, creamed corn and egg farofa are essential,” she says.

Delivery is made via the restaurant's WhatsApp.

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Unmissable deliveries in São Paulo
Cover charge Rodeo

Text by Helena Silvarolli, Marina Moraes and Renata Araújo.

Photos by Instagram dissemination and reproduction.