Where to eat pudding: Rio and São Paulo

Where to eat pudding: Rio and São Paulo

South America

This Saturday, May 22nd, is Pudding Day! With or without holes, there is no doubt that the traditional dessert reigns supreme in homes and on restaurant menus. Therefore, there had to be a day just for him! So, we've listed below tips on where to eat pudding in Rio and São Paulo. There is something for all tastes, in different versions. Additionally, read about the new menu at the restaurant and bar at the Fairmont Rio and Villa Paranaguá, the newest hotel in Santa Teresa.

Where to eat pudding

Rio de Janeiro

Cortiço Carioca

In a mansion in the heart of Lapa, the restaurant's most popular dessert is condensed milk pudding with caramel sauce (R$ 11).

End: Rua Joaquim Silva, 105 – Lapa. Telephone: (21) 2210-0663 / (21) 99003-7027. Delivery Ifood and Uber Eats.

Indeed, it is a classic dessert!

Pure Flour Emporium

At the emporium, the highlight is the classic milk pudding (R$ 44.80 – per kilo).

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Know more

End: Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 446 – Loja 1 – Botafogo. Telephone: (21) 3239-8000.

In fact, milk pudding is a sweet loved by many

League of Botecos

Dona Glória's famous milk pudding – the same one she prepared when Toninho Momo, at Bar do Momo, was growing up – can be enjoyed in the South Zone. After all, the classic is on the menu at Liga dos Botecos, a bar in Botafogo.

End: Álvaro Ramos 170 – Botafogo. Telephone: 3586-2511

Dona Glória's pudding

Malta Beef Club

On Malta's menu, the highlight among the desserts is the corn pudding with caramelized popcorn (R$32).

Ends: Av. General St. Martin, 359, Leblon / Saturnino Street of Brito,, Botanical Garden. Reservation and order center – delivery and take away: (21) 2402-3101

Corn pudding with popcorn

São Paulo


At chef Giovanna Grossi's restaurant, the suggestion for Pudding Day is the pudding foam with lemon crunch and caramel sauce (R$18).

End: Rua Vupabussu, 347 – Pinheiros. Tel.: (11) 2371-7981

In other words, a reinterpretation of a classic!

Coconut Bamboo

The Milk Pudding “The best in the world” (24$ for delivery and 20$ in the lounge) is made with homemade black plum jam in syrup.

Delivery pelo Ifood.

Milk Pudding

Sweet Lady

At Dona Doceira, the Pudding of Abade de Prisco (R$ 95) is a recipe that Adriana Lira learned in Portugal, with the confectioner Miguel Oliveira, one of the greatest researchers and producers of this delicacy. Therefore, the pudding – as is the basis of Portuguese sweets – made from eggs, was created by an Abbot from the Priscos region.

End: Rua Tabapuã, 838, inside Vila Aurélia, Casa 6 – Itaim Bibi – SP. Tel.: (11) 2157-6114

Abbot's Pudding

Le Blé Bread House

In addition to naturally fermented bread, the house also has artisanal sweets. One of them, for example, is the pudding (R$8), made without holes, for those who like it. Furthermore, it is flavored with natural vanilla and baked for three hours at a controlled temperature of 100 degrees, with caramel sauce.

Ends: Rua Pará 252 – Higienópolis. Tel: 3663-4626. Rua Padre João Manuel, 968 – Cerqueira César. Tel: 2645-4456. Own delivery and Ifood.


I hit the wineries

At the restaurant, the suggestion is the Latte&Caffè (R$30.50), extra-creamy milk pudding and the unusual ‘creme brulee' to coffee. In fact, dessert is only served in the dining room.


By Duda Vétere.

Photos: Chagassa, Johnny Mazzilli, Lígia, Lipe Borges, Tomás Rangel, Tadeu Brunelli, Thays Bittar,