5 tips for wearing colored pantyhose without fear!

5 tips for wearing colored pantyhose without fear!


How about getting out of your routine and joining this fun trend? Check out some tips below on how to wear colored tights this winter without making mistakes:

As you may have already noticed, winter trends are already on the rise. Among the various accessories that have come into fashion this season, as you saw in another article from Fala Menina (click to read), one item that promises to be very successful from now on is colorful pantyhose.

This accessory, in fact, was one of the trademarks of the 1970s, along with the Hippie vibe, so well known from that period. Although it spent decades in oblivion, now colorful pantyhose, accompanied by countless different details and textures, are coming back into fashion.

But, while the success of colored tights is still shy of the Brazilian winter, the truth is that the trend has already taken over countless other places around the world. This is why, in fact, it is rarely possible to see colored tights on the streets that deviate from cold and sober tones, such as brown, gray and dark blue, for example.

Fashion experts, however, believe it will be a matter of a little more time before colored pantyhose are everywhere in Brazil. And, to help everyone adapt to the trend and wear colorful socks, we've put together the selection below.

Go slow

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If you still don't feel comfortable going too bold, start slowly, giving preference to navy blue, gray, green tights, among other more sober tones. If, even so, this is a “painful” start, opt for traditional black ones, but with simple ornaments, such as polka dots or pinstripes.



One of the functions of colored pantyhose is, precisely, to break the monotony of the look and add contrast to the look. For example, red pantyhose look perfect in an all-black outfit.

Skinny legs


Women with slender legs can give the impression of greater volume in their legs just by choosing the correct colored pantyhose, with lighter tones, for example. Those decorated with horizontal stripes are also a great bet.

Thick legs


For those with very thick legs, the ideal is to wear pantyhose in a more sober tone, to give the impression of lengthening. In the case of ornate pantyhose, give preference to those with designs that extend vertically, such as stripes, to make the legs visually thinner and longer. This trick is also great for shorter girls.



Be very careful with lighter colored or bright colored pantyhose. This is because you will hardly be able to wear it on more formal occasions, especially because it is very difficult to look good with tailored clothes, for example.

So, do you already have your colorful pantyhose for this winter?