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4 techniques for correctly extracting blackheads at home: care and risks


Find out why you should never extract blackheads at home and learn techniques to remove them without squeezing the skin.

In principle, do you remove your blackheads and pimples anyway, in any environment, without any major concerns? If so, you need to stop this habit immediately! Because extracting blackheads in any way can cause countless harm to your skin.

But, first of all, do you know what that blackhead on your nose is, for example? Basically, the blackhead that appears on the skin is a sebaceous lesion.

This type of lesion even appears most frequently in the T zone of the face, which is the part of the nose, chin and forehead. Especially on skin prone to oily. And, certainly, in cases of superficial pore obstruction, accumulating sebaceous secretion inside the skin.

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However, even if they bother you a lot, it is not recommended that you extract blackheads without proper care.

This is because, due to the accumulation of sebum, bacteria accumulate in the region. Consequently, when a blackhead is extracted irregularly, the chances of an inflammatory process occurring are much greater.

In fact, it is exactly due to the inflammatory action of bacteria, together with the accumulation of fat, that some blackheads may not smell very good.

Deep skin cleansing

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video
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A priori, deep skin cleansing is one of the most recommended procedures for blackhead extraction. Above all, the treatment seeks to dilate the pores with heat, which makes it much easier for impurities to be eliminated. In fact, this type of treatment is suitable for any skin type.

Basically, to perform dilation, dermatologists apply some types of specific products. They certainly help open pores and soften sebaceous secretions. In fact, this procedure is not only recommended for blackhead extraction, but also to prevent the proliferation of bacteria on the face.

Therefore, this treatment can also help prevent the formation of blackheads, reduce the chances of inflammation and eliminate impurities accumulated on your face. Including impurities from makeup, pollution and everyday dirt. In other words, it eliminates all toxins, impurities and free radicals.

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video

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In fact, for those who don’t know yet, free radicals are responsible for causing your skin to age. They can also cause clogged pores and the development of acne and blackheads.

But, returning to the benefits of skin cleansing, it is also worth highlighting that it also improves circulation. Despite this, it is not a recommended treatment to do at home.

This is because you need a specialized environment and a trained professional. Because, if not done correctly, the procedure can cause damage to the skin, such as infection, scars and blemishes.

How is deep cleaning done?

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video
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  1. First, dermatologists use a degreasing cleanser, which helps remove oil and clean the skin;
  2. Soon after, the professional exfoliates to remove dead cells;
  3. Then they use an emollient, which helps open the pores to facilitate the removal of blackheads;
  4. After these processes, it was time to extract the blackheads. Basically, this process can be done manually with cotton or gauze very gently and with an antiseptic solution.
  5. However, it is important to highlight that in some cases doctors use a type of sucker, or a small needle to remove some lesions;
  6. After the extraction, they usually use a high-frequency device to heal the skin;
  7. It is worth noting that cleaning is completed with a mask. In fact, depending on your skin type, it can have a calming, healing, whitening or anti-oily effect;
  8. In fact, before the person leaves, dermatologists usually apply sunscreen or a moisturizer to the patient’s skin to protect against the sun’s rays. It is worth mentioning that this facial care should continue to be carried out.

How often do we need to do this treatment?

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video
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Above all, the need for this type of treatment changes from skin to skin. In other words, for people who have more blackheads, the recommendation is to do it every month. Because this care prevents blackheads from turning into pimples.

However, on other skin types, not so oily and with few blackheads; the need is less. The best option, in fact, is to carry out this treatment at least 45 or 60 days apart. But, if for now you prefer to remove your blackheads at home, we have put together some tips for you to do so with all the necessary care! Check out:

4 safe techniques for extracting blackheads at home

1) Skin exfoliation

Skin exfoliation
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Above all, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin two to three times a week. Furthermore, some experts recommend using products that contain finer granules.

Another tip is to exfoliate while showering. Because, at that moment, the pores are more dilated due to the heat of the water. Thus, making the removal less “traumatic”.

In general, skin exfoliation aims to remove superficial blackheads. Furthermore, it can leave the skin very thin, which can make it difficult for new skin lesions to form.

2) Use of products with salicylic acid, retinoic acid and glycolic acid

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video
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Basically, these acids are recommended because they contain a keratolytic action. Furthermore, they are responsible for making the skin thinner, which can prevent the formation of new blackhead lesions. And they can also make it easier to remove those more superficial blackheads.

Above all, it is worth highlighting that the products that can be used in your care routine are dermocosmetics. In other words, soap or cleansing gel and night creams, always suitable for your skin type. This will definitely keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

3) Steam your skin

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video
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Above all, steaming, as you can imagine, helps remove blackheads. In fact, it is important that you know that it is made with exfoliants. And, certainly, it can be done while taking a shower, with the heat of the shower.

Or, you can do it using a bowl of hot water. Basically, you will need to bring your face closer and leave it in contact with the hot water vapor for a few minutes. As a result of this, the pores will dilate and then just exfoliate carefully.

4) Extracting blackheads with cleansing oil

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Recently, a painless and very easy technique that has been popular among women for extracting blackheads is to remove them with cleansing oil, or simply cleansing oil.

The great news is that this makeup and impurities remover is super powerful, and can be used on all skin types, even though it is oil-based.

The product’s oil mixes with the skin’s oil, making extraction more gentle and drying out the skin. Cool huh?

Is there a risk of extracting this type of blackhead?

Blackhead extraction - 3 techniques to do at home + removal video
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Surely, you must have imagined some kind of danger when removing this blackhead. However, even though it is quite disgusting, it does not pose any type of health risk. Therefore, the problem is only aesthetic.

However, extracting blackheads incorrectly and at home can harm your health. Therefore, look for experts. Because, normally, these procedures are carried out in more sanitized environments, with sterilized equipment, by people who know the necessary care after removing a blackhead like this.

Because, by leaving a small hole in the skin, infections, scars or a blackhead can appear again. In fact, in more serious cases, venous thrombosis and meningitis may occur. Therefore, do not perform blackhead extraction without sanitized gloves, without specific equipment, effective methods and without the correct substances.

Anyway, are you now aware of how to perform a blackhead extraction?

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